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Volvo Buses launches unique customer game

IAA marks the world premiere for Volvo Buses’ unique digital customer game. The purpose of the game is to help customers develop their operations and improve their profitability. “We’ve had an amazing response to the game and many requests to come and play it together with our customers,” says Marie Carlsson, Director Business Solutions at Volvo Buses

The customer game was developed in response to the challenges and issues that impact the bus operator’s everyday situation, such as fuel consumption, high vehicle reliability, high passenger satisfaction and so on. The arena is an iPad and there is one version for city bus customers and another for customers in the tourist coach segment.

The aim of the game is to have a dialogue with customers in a fresh new way, using the game as the starting-point for discussing how the customer’s operation can be developed. 

“Dialogue with the customer is central to our partnership and the game is a fun new way to engage in this dialogue. We want to help both the customer and ourselves to gain new insights,” says Marie Carlsson, Director Business Solutions at Volvo Buses.

“The game is a new and enjoyable way to initiate discussions about our operation and the challenges that we and the industry are facing. It takes up relevant issues to which we can directly relate,” says Arne Veggeland, President of Nettbuss AS in Norway.

The game is played with contestants throwing the dice and responding to various events that occur and impact the company’s economy – events for which the participants have to find solutions. The game can be played individually or in teams, and the idea is that the contestants should exchange experiences with one another and gain new insights. The winner is the person who over a five-year period succeeds in earning most money and scores highest in passenger satisfaction.

Visitors to the renowned IAA bus and truck show in September can play the game at the Volvo stand in Hall 17, Stand A05.