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World First: Volvo Bus Australia delivers first Euro 6 Volvo B8RLEA articulated bus

In December 2014, Volvo’s first Euro 6 articulated bus, the Volvo B8RLEA, was delivered to the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA) in Perth. It is the first of 70 low floor articulated units to be delivered to the PTA over the next 5 years.
World First: Volvo Bus Australia delivers first Euro 6 Volvo B8RLEA articulated bus

The new Euro 6 Volvos will replace the Authority’s older articulated buses in order to retain high capacity transport along their busiest routes in metro Perth. The 18 metre long buses, bodied by Volgren, can carry over one hundred passengers - including 57 seated. With step less entry and flip up seats in the front for flexibility, the new vehicles will also assist less mobile passengers. Replacing its Euro V predecessor, the B12BLEA, the new model Volvo B8RLEA comes equipped with Volvo’s latest 350hp, Euro 6 engine. This engine is common across a number of models in Volvo’s Buses’ new Euro 6 range and is shared across the Volvo Group including Volvo Trucks. It delivers excellent drivability, a wide economical rev range and  1400Nm of torque.
“The technology behind the B8RLEA is an enormous step towards reducing emissions even further. This is in line with Volvo’s core value of environmental care. Following extensive testing in Sweden, the vehicle has also undergone months of local optimisation in Perth before the keys were officially handed over to the PTA”, says Sean Copeland, General Manager, Volvo Bus Australia.
Sean Copeland added that, “We are really excited to start using Volvo’s latest technology in Perth and even more excited to have a world class articulated option back in our local product line”. The new Volvo B8RLEA delivers improved environmental performance by reducing fuel consumption, engine emissions as well as noise levels whilst maintaining high power output and torque. The new engine is lighter, but just as powerful as its predecessor - Volvo likes to refer to this as ‘right-sizing’.
Although the general misconception is that a smaller engine will not be up to the task, latest engine technology dismisses that as the B8RLEA is rated at 350hp where the B12BLEA is 340hp. The inclusion of a new common rail fuel system and a variable geometry turbo charger enhances fuel and operating savings even further.  “The Euro 6 B8RLEA chassis has been designed with a focus on reducing fuel and operating costs, while still ensuring superior functionality, maximum drivability and lifecycle productivity”, says Sean Copeland, General Manager, Volvo Bus Australia.
Fuel and operating savings are a combined result of better distribution of fuel in the engine; the Volvo Engine Management System that optimises combustion, load balanced alternators & Regenerative Charge Control.
The B8RLEA’s emission levels have dramatically decreased from its predecessor, B12BLEA, with the combined use of Volvo’s  Exhaust After Treatment System (EATS) technologies which are made up of  Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR),  Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and  Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).
A feature which Volvo has also introduced to the new B8RLEA is Electric Power Steering. This allows for excellent steering responsiveness and creates an additional fuel saving initiative, with the electrically powered pump independently mounted. The pump is located at the front of the bus and eliminates the need for extensive power steering piping through the bus.
All of the new B8RLEA buses are equipped with a ZF Ecolife automatic transmission with Topodyn, powerful disc brakes and EBS, an electronic brake control system that offers higher efficiency and stability when braking. “These items are standard across the Volvo Bus product line  as they ensure safety and comfort for passengers as well as contributing to reduced operating costs”, says Sean Copeland, General Manager, Volvo Bus Australia. Volvo is proud to have partnered with PTA for this product launch and contribution to the environment.


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