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PTA takes delivery of their 500th Volvo Bus

In December 2015, the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA) took delivery of its 500th Volvo Bus – with another 150 to go. A notable milestone for both Volvo and PTA as their fleet now becomes well and truly modernised within the Perth metropolitan area.
PTA takes delivery of their 500th Volvo Bus

The 500th bus to be delivered was a Volvo B7RLE bodied by Volgren. Volvo’s B7RLE continues to be one of the market’s most fuel-efficient bus engines with low emissions and quiet operation. Amongst units delivered, PTA has also received Volvo’s Euro 6 B8RLEA articulated bus.
Volvo was also recently awarded a three year extension to their contract which will see their low-floor Euro 6 B8RLE’s join the fleet - replacing older buses in Perth’s CAT service.

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