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Connecting to drivers in real time with Volvo I- Coaching

Proven to save up to 3% in fuel, Volvo I-Coaching is an instant driver feedback tool utilised to continuously promote safe and efficient driving. Most importantly, the tool helps ensure behaviours learnt in driver training courses are sustained in actual operation long term to maximise benefits for operators.
Volvo I Coaching

The launch of Volvo I-Coaching follows the recent announcement that Volvo will be offering Volvo Connected Services (telematics) as standard on all new buses delivered from October 1st this year in Australia.

“Fuel efficiency and uptime are core concerns for our customers. Volvo Bus I-Coaching is the latest example of tools and services from Volvo Buses that helps operators increase fuel efficiency, uptime and passenger comfort,” says Lauren Downs, General Manager Volvo Bus Australia.

The Volvo I-Coaching user interface consists of a sleek pod installed in the driver’s field of vision that connects to Volvo’s Connected Services system. The tool continuously monitors, and provides real time feedback, on driving behaviour.

The six key driving parameters monitored by the system include over revving, excessive idling, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, over speeding and harsh curving – all of which are known to impact fuel economy and passenger comfort. When one or more of these driving parameters are exceeded, instant feedback is given to the driver as either a visual and/or audible alert as selected by the operator.

“In addition to the instant feedback given to drivers, the easy to use Connected Services portal also provides operators with a complete overview and insight into how their vehicles in their fleet are performing and being driven in service,” explains Michael Blundell, National Service Manager, Volvo Bus Australia.

“The logged data and scheduled reports can then be used to identify any problem areas for which improvement initiatives can be tailored and carried out to maximise operating benefits.”

Volvo I-Coaching is available today as an option on any Volvo bus connected to Volvo’s telematics system, Volvo Connected Services. Volvo Connected Services, and its subsequent reporting, will remain available on vehicles for a minimum of 10 years, after which its continuation will be assessed based on Volvo’s latest technologies available at that time.

Contact your local Volvo sales or service representative today for more information.

Volvo Bus I-Coaching:
Dimension: 82x51x18 mm
Power consumption: <30 mA @24 V
Display: LED backlit fixed screen

Key benefits:
Increased fuel efficiency
Increased uptime
Improved passenger comfort
Reduced service and maintenance costs
More motivated drivers


For further information, please contact:
Darian Conradie, Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Phone: +61 (2) 8713 8246

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