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Volvo Bus Australia delivers 882nd bus to Brisbane City Council under existing contract

As Volvo Bus Australia (VBA) delivers its 882nd bus to Brisbane City Council (BCC) under their existing contract spanning 12 years, VBA reflects on more than a decade of successful partnership with BCC and Volgren Australia (Volgren).
Volvo Bus Australia delivers 882nd bus to Brisbane City Council under existing contract

With close to 80 million passenger movements annually, across more than 400 bus routes, BCC is a major provider of public transport services – with VBA at the forefront of supporting BCC through the supply of safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly vehicles and servicing.

Throughout the decades, BCC grew its small fleet of 11 buses to one that now boasts more than 1200 vehicles. VBA has proudly been a part of BCC’s journey throughout this time, after official award in 2008 of the initial 3-year contract to supply chassis to BCC.  

VBA would soon go on to have its supply contract extended for a further 9 years and would continue to deliver buses with its long-time bodybuild partner, and BCC’s prime contractor, Volgren.

Since 2008, VBA and Volgren have together delivered 882 buses to BCC. BCC has experienced the best of Volvo throughout the years, with deliveries of various bus models including the B7RLE, B12BLE, B8RLE, B8RLEA, and the Volvo B5L self-charging hybrid. BCC was also one of Volvo’s first customers to adopt Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles, leading the way in deploying sustainable and efficient transport solutions.

Over the years, BCC’s Volvos have had their bodies built locally in Eagle Farm, Brisbane, by Volgren. In addition to BCC’s support of local manufacturing, its commitment to a clean, low-carbon public transport network has been boosted by the deployment of Volvo buses – particularly with BCC’s heavy investment in low emission vehicles in advance of legislative regulations. In fact, in 2011 the Council won the inaugural Lung Foundation Green Leaf Award for its introduction of the Volvo B7RLE, which presented a diesel engine that achieved lower or equivalent emissions to natural gas buses.

The deployment of these vehicles has not only mitigated environmental impacts through reduced CO2 emissions, but has provided unparalleled bus safety to the general public of Brisbane.

With driver and passenger safety being a top priority for BCC, VBA and Volgren, BCC made the strategic decision to partner with Volvo and Volgren to maximise quality and safety for all.

“Council’s strategic partnership with Volvo and Volgren has been instrumental in introducing new technology to improve safety and reduce emissions which aligns with our clean, green city vision. Through the partnership Council’s bus fleet has grown by over 20% resulting in one of Australia’s most modern bus fleets,” says Karl Hain, Manager Engineering and Assets, Transport for Brisbane.

Supporting BCC’s Volvo fleet for more than a decade has been Volvo’s dedicated bus team, which includes the team from VCV Brisbane who have and will continue to work closely with BCC well into the future to support its Volvo bus fleet. VBA currently has the only dedicated bus team in Australia, that showcases more than 320 years of combined industry experience, enabling 5 successful decades in the Australian market and 11 consecutive years as the market leader in 2021.

It is the joint dedication of BCC, VBA and Volgren to delivering safe, reliable and sustainable solutions that has enabled successful ongoing partnership over the past 12 years.

“It gives VBA great pride to reflect on decades of successful partnership with BCC as we hand over the final bus in our 12-year contract,” says Mitch Peden, General Manager Volvo Bus Australia.

“Our relationship with BCC dates back a long time after delivering BCC’s first Volvo B58 in 1976 – so being awarded the contract to supply chassis to BCC in 2008 meant a great deal to us. Our relationship with Volgren dates back to the mid 70s and they have been a trusted partner ever since. Entering BCC’s contract with Volgren as a prime contractor, has been extremely beneficial in delivering key outcomes so that we can best support BCC and Brisbane commuters that rely on us. Volvo’s values of quality, safety and environmental care have run parallel to the mission of BCC and Volgren over the years – allowing us to remain trusted long-term business partners dedicated to driving successful transport solutions,” states Peden.