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Volvo Bus Australia take home ‘Outstanding Employer Award’ at the 2022 Queensland Bus Industry Council Conference

Volvo Bus Australia is proud to announce that at the annual Queensland Bus Industry Council (QBIC) Conference 2022, the team received the ‘Outstanding Employer Award’ for Volvo’s efforts in fostering a positive corporate culture and impacting the wider industry.

Volvo Bus Australia General Manager, Mitch Peden, said that taking home the ‘Outstanding Employer Award’ for 2022 at the annual QBIC Conference was a very special moment for the Volvo Bus team.

“It’s truly an honour to have received the ‘Outstanding Employer Award’ at this year’s QBIC Conference,” he said.

“We have a strong and diverse team dedicated to the bus industry. To effectively support our customers, we foster a positive and supportive culture that allows our team to thrive and seek effective solutions that drive customer success and create positive industry impact.”

QBIC’s criteria for winning this award required the nominated employer to demonstrate a genuine commitment to fostering a culture which enhances the image of the industry, develops the potential and skill sets of employees and that values employees and strives to retain talent.

“Embracing a supportive and inclusive culture has always been a central focus for Volvo Buses and this is underpinned by our corporate values of Quality, Safety and Environmental Care. With these values at the core of everything we do, we consistently retain, develop, motivate and empower our employees and we will continue to do so in all that we do. We are also very proud of having a very diverse team across gender and cultural background,” said Peden.

“We thank QBIC for acknowledging our efforts in fostering an inclusive culture that values our employees and for the honour of receiving this year’s ‘Outstanding Employer Award’.”

The 2022 QBIC Conference carried the theme of ‘Driving a Cleaner Future’ with a key focus on the transition from fossil fuel transport to electric and hydrogen electric technologies and hosted close to 200 guests.

This year’s QBIC Conference was also a milestone event for QBIC, in commemorating 100 years of industry representation in Queensland.