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200,000th Volvo Bus milestone unit makes its way to Perth, Australia

The Volvo Bus Borås factory in Sweden, has seen its 200,000th chassis roll off the production line since its inception – with this milestone unit being a Volvo BZL Electric chassis that is destined for Perth, Australia.
Volvo BZL Electric w Livery

Following the highly anticipated launch of the new Volvo BZL Electric chassis in September 2021, production of this model has been ramping up at the Borås factory, with chassis number 200,000 set to be handed over to the Public Transport Authority (PTA) of Western Australia this year.

The handover of this vehicle will form part of the $549 million bus supply contract awarded in March 2019 to Volvo Bus Australia in partnership with Volgren Australia, where Volvo Bus is set to supply 90 buses a year for five years to PTA – 4 of which will be Volvo BZL Electric units delivered this year.

“What a milestone it is seeing our 200,000th chassis off the Boras production line, and on top of that, the unit being our most efficient chassis model to date – the Volvo BZL Electric. We look forward to the handover of the vehicle later this year to PTA as part of our current supply contract, as this bus runs the Joondalup CAT route in WA,” says Mitch Peden, General Manager Volvo Bus Australia.

While the Volvo milestone unit happened to be a Volvo BZL Electric, since its opening in 1977, Volvo Bus’s Borås factory has manufactured more than 50 different quality chassis models over the years, with some of the more popular models being the Volvo B10M, Volvo B7R/B7RLE and the Volvo B11R.

The Borås factory is also Volvo Bus’s global industrial hub for chassis production and is one of the first bus production facilities that relies solely on 100% renewable energy that is produced from clean energy sources including hydropower and biofuels.