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Complete service and support when going Electric with Volvo

With comprehensive aftersales support from Volvo Bus’s Electromobility Experts, Volvo Bus Australia details the extensive reliability of investing in Australia’s most sustainable electric chassis, the Volvo BZL Electric.
Complete service and support when going Electric with Volvo

Being Australia’s largest dedicated bus team with more than 340 years of combined industry experience, Volvo Bus Australia understand all too well the need for complete aftersales service and support, particularly when it comes to electric products.

As operators across the country look to electrify their fleets at scale, Volvo Bus Australia General Manager, Mitch Peden, has commented on the need for reliable and dedicated aftersales service and support for electric buses, to ensure an optimal life on Australian roads with support at every turn. 

Going electric is an exciting time for our industry, but it’s equally important for operators to keep aftersales support top of mind when it comes to purchasing an electric product

“Transitioning to electric vehicles is a big investment for operators, so it is key that they do so with a manufacturer that has the expertise to effectively manage this technology. Does the electric bus manufacturer have the technical know-how, training capability and aftersales resources to support the electric bus throughout its entire lifetime? Is the electric bus going to give a positive return on investment and last well into the next two decades? These are the questions that operators need to consider.

“Having been in the Australian market for more than 50 years supporting thousands of buses, we’re grateful to be able to successfully fulfil these expectations and be at the centre of the electromobility movement, with Australia’s largest dedicated bus team and a specially trained electromobility team to support the transition to Volvo’s electric products.

“With over 10 years experience in the electromobility space – having introduced the Volvo B5L S-Charge Hybrid in 2013 and launching the Volvo BZL Electric last year – we’re well equipped to ensure the success of the Volvo BZL Electric in delivering unparalleled support from our team, as well as offering a range of value-added aftersales support services to maximise profitability and uptime.”

Every Volvo BZL Electric comes with extensive electric vehicle product training from the team as well as Volvo Service Contracts and Telematics as a standard on new vehicles. Additionally, Volvo Action Service comes as a standard in offering 24/7 phone support and a range of on road assistance services from trained staff to guarantee high safety protocols, maximum uptime and minimum standstills.

The Volvo BZL Electric is also supported by the largest dealer network in the country and an extensive global logistics network, ensuring that premium servicing and Volvo Genuine Parts are as accessible as possible.  Volvo Bus Australia even have a Regional Distribution Centre at Minto in Southwestern Sydney, and depending on stock levels, can have parts delivered to almost all areas of Australia within 24 hours.

“Providing a quality experience in line with customer expectations has always been a priority for Volvo Bus. Not just for the bus itself, but for the complete service and support experience, well beyond delivery of a Volvo Bus product. We’ve seamlessly integrated this experience that our customers have come to expect with our traditional product range and extended this to our Volvo BZL Electric product – ensuring that the new Volvo BZL Electric offers complete operator support and peace of mind at every stage of the electromobility journey.”