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  • Volvo Buses has received an order for eight fully electric buses and eight electric hybrid buses from Inowrocław in Poland. It is the first order from a Polish city for both bus models from Volvo.

  • Volvo Buses has received an order for eight hybrids in Australia, the biggest order to date in this market. Latrobe Valley Bus Lines in southeast Australia has ordered eight single-deck Euro 6 hybrid chassis from Volvo.

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    Unknown Swedish artist charms millions 

    Until recently, Nathalie Cuti lived a perfectly normal life far from the glare of the spotlights. But after a video with her singing her own composition ”light the lights” was seen more than three million times in social media in the very first week, things are changing for the 22-year old from Gothenburg.

  • When you really listen to your city you can see new opportunities, and try a route never taken before. That’s the message of the film introducing the new Volvo 7900 Electric, featuring brand new Swedish artist Nathalie Cuti.

  • At Busworld in Kortrijk from 20 to 25 October, Volvo Buses will be introducing specially designed high-spec versions of the Volvo 9900 and Volvo 9700 coaches. They will be built in limited numbers and will be available for sale from 20 October to the end of the year.

  • Volvo Buses has received an order for 50 Volvo hybrid buses to Singapore.

  • Volvo Buses is now launching a new version of its all-electric bus, the Volvo 7900 Electric. With significantly extended range and more charging options, the new Volvo 7900 Electric offers bus operators even greater flexibility.

  • Research is becoming increasingly clear, high concentrations of exhaust gases from vehicles have a serious impact on human health. Now, several of the major cities in the world are scrambling to reduce emissions and to introduce new traffic systems.

  • Volvo’s fully electric bus has embarked on a demonstration tour throughout the UK. Starting in Manchester at an event attended by new Mayor for Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, the trial features ‘OppCharge’ opportunity charging via a pantograph for the first time in a major British city.

  • Volvo Buses has secured its largest ever order of fully electric buses. Tide Buss has placed an order for 25 Volvo 7900 Electric buses for the city of Trondheim, Norway.

  • Volvo Buses has received an order for three electric hybrid buses from the German university city of Göttingen in Lower Saxony. The new buses – Volvo Electric Hybrids – will become operational in spring 2018. The purchaser is Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH (GÖVB).

  • Volvo Buses and ABB have inaugurated a charging station for electric buses based on the open OppCharge interface. With OppCharge, electrified buses and charging stations from different manufacturers can be used together. The aim is to facilitate the introduction of electric bus systems in cities the world over.

  • Complete solutions for electrified bus traffic. More fuel-saving product news. A unique system that increases safety for unprotected road-users. And a fresh scientific study showing how Volvo Dynamic Steering improves the driver’s working environment. This is some of the content of the Volvo Buses stand at IAA 2916, which is being held in Hannover from September 22 to 29.

  • Volvo Buses is taking steps to reduce the 1.25 million annual road traffic deaths* by unveiling a pedestrian and cyclist detection system, unique to the bus industry. Launching at the IAA in Hannover, the system will be introduced on Volvo’s European city bus fleet in 2017.

  • Volvo has received an order for four Volvo 7900 Electric buses from public transport operator Sales-Lentz in Luxembourg. The buses will operate in the city of Differdange.

  • Spending many hours behind the wheel every day, bus drivers often suffer strain in the shoulders, neck and arms. In order to reduce the risk of work-related injuries, last year Volvo Buses introduced Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS), which makes manoeuvring a bus considerably easier. Now a scientific study has been published that confirms the system’s positive effects.

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