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Fleet management

Keep track and optimize

Volvo’s Fleet Management keeps you in control at all times – so you know the exact status of your operation, the health of your fleet, when unplanned stops occur and how your drivers are performing. For example, fuel often represents the single highest cost for a vehicle during its lifetime. Knowing how your vehicles are being driven and taking action based on this data can dramatically reduce fuel consumption and therefore save a lot of money each month – not to mention the effect on an entire fleet over its lifetime.

Standard services

    To be in the know

    Get real-time information about fuel consumption, hours of operation, average speed, number of stops, load weight and much more, captured and transfered to the database. The reports can be compiled and aggregated according to your preferences, for presentation or further analysis.

    Early warnings online

    Using the Events function you can monitor many of the recurring actions that take place in regular in operation. How long the ignition is on, how many door openings, idling time, over-revving and much more. The events are sorted into categories to simplify comparison and identifying patterns.

    Follow-up perfection

    Driving behaviour is perhaps the single largest factor affecting both passenger comfort and fuel consumption. Driving Profile gives you a detailed view on how a specific bus has been driven minute by minute. The Driving Profile also includes altitude and relevant validation and driving events. In this way, it is possible to identify specific needs for training and potential areas of improvement.

    A safety enabler

    Real-time positioning allows you to track a bus or know its exact location as and when you need. This helps predict if the bus is running early, on-time or late. The Position module is also the basis for our unique zoning services

Improve your operation. Every day.

Fleet Management brings a new level of control. Follow-up of each vehicle makes it possible to find hidden costs as well as possible improvements. By identifying patterns and trends you get a solid foundation for your decisions. The system is based on our long experience in telematics for bus operations and serves operators in many cities around the world. In addition to the system itself, Volvo can assist with analysis and corrective programmes.

Safe and secure

Volvo’s connected services utilise data from hundreds of on-board data points. An array of proven high-quality units capture data from the various sensors, in a format for swift and secure transmission over the regular mobile network. The system requirement is basic: all that’s needed is buses with FMS-standard interface for data capture.

Fleet management explained

Fleet Management will give you a whole set of possibilities to follow up and optimise your operation.

Applications for fleet management

Every Volvo bus and coach can help you to improve on productivity and uptime. The key is connectivity, helping to keep track of fuel and energy consumption, driving performance and vehicle health


Below are links to documents for more information on benefits, features, facts and figures.

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