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Care for the environment

Cities worldwide are facing the same challenge: how to grow in a sustainable way. Public transport plays a key role here. We therefore strive to help create the cities of the future, free from congestion, emissions and noise. And our vision is clear: we shall become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions. 

With Volvo Environmental Care

Environmental Care is a Volvo core value. But for us there is so much more to it than just clean air. It’s about using resources responsibly, and about strategies for environmentally sound and cost-efficient infrastructure. Ultimately allowing us to provide clean, silent and efficient transport solutions that offer entirely new possibilities for modern city development.

A leader in electric buses

Volvo has a unique product portfolio of e-buses. We strongly support migration to e-mobility, but we will nonetheless stand by our customers in the transition period, supplying the best possible solutions for diesel and hybrid technology too. 

Providing cleaner bus fleets

In the continuous work of environmental care, Volvo Buses has joined The Global Industry Partnership on Soot-Free Clean Bus Fleets. We believe that this initiative can accelerate bus fleet renewals and thereby also air quality improvements in many cities around the world. 

Imagine a city without traffic noise

Environmental technologies

Volvo is the world leader in electromobility, with more than 4200 hybrid and electric hybrid buses sold around the world. Using electricity instead of fossil fuel gives immediate and long-term positive effects on the environment, and on the people’s quality of life.

Charging and batteries

Volvo’s electrified buses accept several types of charging; on-route and in-depot. With OppCharge we safeguard smart and environmentally beneficial use of charging infrastructure and batteries, as well as maximising operational flexibility.

Hybrid technology

Hybrid buses can save up to 40% of fuel and emissions. And the benefits come from day one, since the hybrid runs without requiring special infrastructure and can immediately replace older buses.

Battery second life

When an electric bus is due for recycling, we take special care of the battery. Even if its capacity has degraded it is still capable of storing energy, for example in residential complexes. 

Pioneering sustainable production

Our chassis factory in Borås, Sweden, is the first bus plant solely powered by renewable energy. With district heating from biofuels and on-site vehicles running on HVO and fossil-free hydroelectricity, the factory’s overall energy consumption has been reduced by 15%. And this work goes on. We strive for a zero carbon footprint and we’re getting closer day by day.

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