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Premium Quality

The quality of the products and services we supply, is crucial to your business performance. That is why quality is a Volvo core value and deeply rooted in our history. We’re dedicated to ensuring that what we deliver exceeds your expectations. 

More than a promise

Volvo Buses quality not only reflects our promise to you when it comes to delivering uptime and durability. Premium quality goes beyond that and concerns all aspects of our operations; from product development and manufacturing to our products.

Premium quality in every detail

Our quality promise and customer focus are based on a Volvo culture built on everyone's commitment and participation. It’s a culture of constant progress and innovation, helping to ensure premium quality in every detail and taking us step by step towards our goal to be number one in customer satisfaction. 

Quality is more than a promise. It’s Volvo culture built on everyone’s commitment and participation.

Tried, tested and trusted

Pushing the limits at Hällered

At Volvo's Hällered test track in southwest Sweden, we put our buses to the test under the toughest conditions. It’s a key part of our development work to ensure the quality, reliability and safety that come with every Volvo Buses product.

Tracks for every situation

At the test facility there are 15 different test tracks where everything that Volvo buses and coaches may face during their lifetimes is tested. Harsh testing of chassis and components on demanding road surfaces, high-speed driving, aggressive curves, slippery roads and above all, safety driving all push our advanced safety systems to the absolute limit. 

Full-scale testing

In addition to realistic computer simulations, full-scale testing is an important tool in our safety work and quality assessment. With the help of the results from the test tracks and laboratories, Volvo Buses' test team can perform a thorough analysis to verify that all vehicles and products meet the legal requirements and certifications. 

Quality-assuring services

Volvo buses and coaches score at the top in uptime and reliability. One of the reasons for this is our quality-enhancing services. With our aftermarket support you can count on a range of products and services designed to maximise uptime, reduce life cycle cost and secure long-term profitability. All so as to ensure your bus stays in perfect condition.

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