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Scandinavian design

Design is so much more than meets the eye. Functionality, human interaction and responsible use of materials are fundamentals of the Scandinavian design tradition. The exquisite looks are there as a result of innovation and creative craftsmanship. In a Volvo everything is there for a reason. In our design work, aerodynamics, ergonomics, comfort and serviceability are firm prerequisites and we never put aesthetics above   performance and function. That’s why our visual language is clear and consistent. Already at first glance, a Volvo is unmistakably a Volvo. 

The design of Volvo Buses’ new premium coach – Volvo 9900

Everything we do is experienced by people. So every design, every solution, every single detail has to be human-centred and an expression of our care and respect.

Designed for the driver

A Volvo chassis is designed with focus on driver control and driver comfort. Adjustable steering wheel, easy-to-read instruments and controls within convenient reach support an ergonomic working environment.


In our design process we always have servicing in mind. All service points are located for simple and swift maintenance, and since it’s a Volvo you’ll find the highest material quality in every detail.

Efficient cabin layout

In a city bus, passenger flow is of great importance. A Volvo chassis is designed to support a passenger-friendly cabin layout with smooth boarding and exit.

Designed to be a Volvo

A Volvo chassis is a flexible platform that is designed to give bodybuilders the best possible start, while at the same time securing all the essential Volvo characteristics, regardless of application.

World-class double-deckers

Volvo is the world’s leading supplier of double deckers. Our class-leading chassis, famous for neat integrations to create space, are the result of a thorough design process to meet various customer requirements.

Volvo design support

Already at first glance, a Volvo should unmistakably be a Volvo. That is why we work in close cooperation with premium body builders to support their design process, securing a strong Volvo identity and personality.

Awarded design

We are proud to tell our design has been awarded for its functionality and aesthetics multiple times during the years.

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