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Environmental Zones

Zero emission zones

A special service for full hybrid buses, the S-Charge range. With Environmental Zones you can specify a zone in which your buses will run in full electric mode, switching off the diesel engine. After a route analysis, zero emission zoning can help operators contribute to urban planning goals of clean and green cities.

Electric drive – fully automatic

When entering a zero emission zone, a Volvo S-Charge hybrid bus automatically switches to full electric drive. The diesel engine is completely switched off, and not even idling. This a unique Volvo feature, made possible by the fact that all auxiliaries are electrically powered. And it’s all automatic, there is no need for driver intervention, which means that there is no risk the driver will miss switching driving mode. Location and size of such a zone is determined after a thorough route analysis.

Technology for cleaner cities

Air quality is a major issue for many cities all over the world. And in many cities it has been possible to pinpoint critical areas where emission of local pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides and particulates have to be controlled. In such areas, electric and full hybrid buses make it possible for the public transport system to maintain a high service level.


Below are links to documents for more information on benefits, features, facts and figures.

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