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Connected buses & coaches

Connectivity is a productivity revolution and a cornerstone in the development of tomorrow’s public transport. With your vehicles and drivers online, you can monitor and follow up your fleet operations. Punctuality, uptime and passenger satisfaction will all benefit from accurate real-time operational data. Add to that smoother maintenance procedures and improved cost control.

Connect your fleet

Volvo’s connected services and fleet management bring a new level of control to your business and they’re all tailor-made for bus and coach operations. Capable and accurate. Easy to use and customise to meet growing demands, giving substantial business benefits:

  • Optimise fleet performance
  • Optimise operational costs
  • Increase availability
  • Increase fuel efficiency and profitability
  • Enhance driver performance
  • Improve traffic safety
  • Improve business control
  • Reduce administration

Connected buses improve productivity and safety

At Volvo there are already more than one million assets online, taking advantage of the connected services offered. By using real-life data from vehicles in operation we continuously refine and develop these services to help improve productivity and safety in our customers’ operations.

Sophisticated analysis

Connectivity – having the vehicle online and sharing its data – brings a lot of insight. The big advantage comes with structured analysis of different parameters. Is wear and tear related to certain routes? What about driving style and energy efficiency? From Volvo you can get a full report.

Continuous driver improvement

The driver is the key to efficiency and uptime. Trained drivers will handle the vehicle more gently and will have more satisfied passengers. By following up driving parameters, it is easy to identify potential for improvement. And with our I-Coaching service, drivers get instant feedback on driving style – continuous on-the-job training.

Predictive maintenance

Combining service contracts with continuous online follow-up of technical data opens up for individual, automatic and predictive service planning. This maximises the number of service hours of each vehicle, simplifies traffic planning and reduces the risk of unplanned downtime.

Connected technologies

At Volvo we keep developing functionality for improved productivity and safety. Already today we offer several value-adding services based on real-time online data.

The future of connected buses

We have only scratched the surface regarding the opportunities that will arise from vehicle communication and future connectivity solutions. Volvo puts considerable effort into research and innovation for the benefit of efficiency, sustainability and people’s well-being.

Buses on demand

Just like when broadcasting migrated to streaming services, we can expect a similar development in public transport whereby traffic is more based on real-time passenger demand. Connectivity and automated functions can help fundamentally redefine bus traffic with customer-driven deployment and dynamic route planning.

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