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Volvo 9700

A proven business booster

The Volvo 9700 is your ultimate business tool, delivering both productivity and versatility in every application. It’s a well-equipped coach with appealing design and a fuel-efficient yet highly responsive engine. The passengers’ choice and the driver’s dream. And not least, it’s a Volvo, and one of the safest buses on the market.

Genuine Volvo Safety

At Volvo, we always put safety first. It’s in our DNA and affects how we think and the way we design our products. The result is experienced and appreciated by drivers and passengers worldwide everyday.

The driver’s dream

The driver’s environment in the Volvo 9700 is designed for unmatched driving comfort. A spacious workplace with world-class ergonomics helps the driver stay focused and alert. And the high-torque engine in combination with our different options of transmissions provides a unique driving feel.

Fine-tuned to your business

The Volvo 9700 is available with a choice of optimized equipment. Depending on your operations and your passengers’ expectations, you can add the services and equipment you need. The result will be a coach to suit your specific business – and your demanding passengers.

The passengers’ coach

The bright and airy interior design, comfortable seats and large tinted windows create an inviting passenger environment. Together with the low interior noise, superior interior climate system and on-board entertainment system, we can promise a passenger experience surpassing all expectations.

Cars are driven by people. The guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo, therefore, is and must remain, safety.


Efficient driveline

The powerful 13-liter engine makes driving effortless and smooth. It combines fuel-efficiency with impressive and excellent low-end torque for improved driveability.

High-quality entertainment

The Volvo 9700 is equipped with a sophisticated entertainment system based on the latest technology. The Hi-Fi sound matches to the flipdown monitors placed for optimized visibility.

Inner space and comfort

The high-capacity ventilation system with individually adjustable air vents for each seat, and convenient storage space, ensure superior passenger comfort all the way.


The ergonomically designed driver’s environment, low noise level, dual-zone climate control and a range of personal settings make for enhanced driving comfort.




Download the brochure to find out more about the Volvo 9700.

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