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Onboard the Volvo B13R

Driving and riding the all-new Volvo B13 is special. It comes with a new and focused driver’s place optimised for comfortable and safe hours behind the wheel. A solid and stable structure makes for uncomplicated high-quality body building, as well as outstanding ride comfort. It’s a premium Volvo experience, whatever comes ahead.

First-class driving

Volvo coaches are known for their outstanding driver experiences. The all-new Volvo B13R comes with several new features that boost comfort and safety behind the wheel. The new steering wheel with buttons for cruise control and various media is available with a neck-tilt to facilitate entrance and exit. A new dynamic instrument cluster with different views provides a superior overview of important driver information, enhancing driver focus and control.

Low-rev torque – keeping the pace

A powerful engine is not only for driving pleasure, it’s also a productivity factor. With sufficient power reserves it’s easy to maintain a steady pace and high average speed, without increasing fuel consumption. What you get is simply a wider economical fuel-efficient range.


Powerful and smooth

The new engine installation, including the option to have a chassis- or engine-mounted AC compressor, reduces inherent vibrations and makes for very low interior noise. And with more power at economical revs it all adds up to your passengers’ comfort.

Stability and control

The new chassis features a new, lighter and more steady suspension. It increases stability in all driving situations, and together with a short turning radius and Volvo Dynamic Steering it enhances manoeuvrability and driver control.

Volvo Acceleration Limiter

Although powerful, the new D13K engine is extremely fuel-efficient. It also features the Volvo Acceleration Limiter, which helps the driver to moderate the power and maintain fuel economy.

Dynamic instrument cluster

The fully dynamic instrument cluster allows you to select between two views depending on what you prefer or want to have in focus: Analog or Focus. Each view displays a wide range of information and widgets with functions to support efficient and safe driving.

Optimised for body builders

The all-new Volvo B13R is the perfect platform for a premium coach. Regardless of application, you get a strong, rigid framework on which it is easy to build a stable, weight-efficient body structure. All service points are located for simple and swift maintenance, and since it’s a Volvo you’ll find the highest material quality in every detail.

Let your Volvo remain a Volvo

There are spare parts and there are spare parts. With Genuine Volvo Parts your Volvo will remain in its original specification. That, of course, also applies to our affordable series of Genuine Volvo Remanufactured Parts, with the same quality and warranty as brand new components. And in a Volvo workshop you’ll have them fitted by experts.

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