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Volvo BZR Electric Range

Volvo BZR Electric is a highly versatile EV bus chassis for safe, sustainable and reliable public transport. Available in multiple configurations, it is a perfect choice for operation in city and intercity applications or as an electric transit bus. Uptime, durability and low operational cost are ensured by the Volvo Group common architecture for traction, energy storage and advanced driver assistance systems.

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Volvo BZR Electric at a glance

Volvo BZR Electric is a productivity platform for city, intercity and commuter operations. Low-entry or medium floor, single or dual motors, modular energy storage, and two- or three-axle versions make for outstanding versatility.


Length9.5–14.9 m, depending on body
Permitted GVWup to 27,200 kg
Power output200 or 400 kW
Battery capacityup to 540 kWh nominal




Two- or three-axle versions, single or dual motors and modular energy storage. The chassis is designed for efficient high-quality bodybuilding and swift maintenance. The Volvo BZR Electric will be just the bus you need.

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Uptime and reliability

Volvo Buses has been at the forefront of e-mobility for more than a decade. Genuine understanding of people transportation combined with a solid technology platform result in unparalleled uptime and outstanding efficiency.

An electric bus platform for the future

Volvo BZR Electric is an EV bus chassis wide range of applications in electric public transport, such as intercity or electric transit buses. It features several components and subsystems, common to the entire Volvo Group, which means increased cost-efficiency for parts, logistics and service programs.

Sustainability beyond emissions

At Volvo Buses, sustainability is more than zero tail-pipe emissions. We focus on the details that help you reach your climate targets. In development, when sourcing, at our factories and when handed over to our customers. This is how we deliver complete sustainable public transport solutions.

More about Volvo’s work in sustainability

Safety beyond the bus

Every day, millions of people around the world rely on our buses to safely take them to their destination. By providing transportation for people, we are accepting on a huge responsibility in society, and our vision is clear: Zero Accidents with Volvo products.

Safety technologies in Volvo BZR Electric

Electric bus driving re-defined

Volvo BZR Electric offers the driver the best possible working conditions. World-class ergonomics and Volvo Dynamic Steering make driving impressively easy, quiet and comfortable. It’s a workplace that is designed in every way to attract and retain skilled drivers and reduce driver turnover to zero.

Explore the comfort of Volvo BZR Electric

Volvo’s usable energy commitment

The range of an electric bus depends on several factors. Together with the operator, we analyze the energy need for each route, and guarantee that the required energy capacity will be available throughout the contract period.

All inclusive – Volvo Turnkey

Defined passenger capacity at a specified cost per kilometer – that’s the essence of Volvo Turnkey solutions.

Go electric with Volvo – why and how

Volvo offers complete e-mobility solutions, developed and configured in close cooperation with each city.

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