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New Volvo 9500 - the versatile coach

Volvo Buses is now launching the Volvo 9500. The smaller engine and the optimized basic design present more opportunities for customers to conduct cost-efficient operations.
The Volvo 9700 and Volvo 9900 have long been recognized for their outstanding performance, and the combination of low running costs, comfort and operational reliability has brought significant market success.

“Due to increased demand in the medium segment, we are now launching the Volvo 9500,” says Mike Ball, responsibility for Business Development within Region Europe. “More customers want a cost-effective coach for shorter trips and line-haul traffic.”
 “This coach offers everything that Volvo represents. We haven’t compromised a single feature in terms of safety, environmental care or quality.”

One reason for the lower price is that the Volvo 9500 has Volvo’s nine-liter engine instead of the 13-liter engine. The nine-liter engine has a high torque within a wide rev range, and gives plenty of power at low engine revs.

 “Low fuel consumption is essential in this segment,” says Mike Ball. “The combination of a nine-liter engine with our acclaimed and fuel-efficient I-shift gearbox makes the fuel consumption extremely competitive.”

The Volvo 9500 is 12.3 meters long and holds between 49 and 55 passengers, depending on the specification. To keep the price down, the design of the coach is optimized but can be tailored to the customer’s needs by selecting from a range of available options.

Safety features are always standard. Volvo Buses are among other things equipped with Front Impact Protection (FIP) where a reinforced front protects the driver and the guide, a Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS), and a system that minimizes the risk for injuries to the driver’s knees in the event of a collision.

The design of Volvo 9500 is very similar the Volvo 9700 or Volvo 9900. The most obvious difference is the headlamps, but the coach is clearly a Volvo.

The Volvo 9500 includes a long list of attractive aftermarket offerings, including financing solutions and service contracts. Customers are also offered assistance from Volvo’s service network, one of the most comprehensive networks in the industry, which can optimize the second-hand value of the coach.

The Volvo 9500 will be assembled at the Volvo Buses plant in Wroclaw, Poland and the first coaches will be on the market by early 2011.

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