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Australia’s first hybrid fleet order of any make and model go into service

Latrobe Valley Bus Lines, positioned in one of Australia’s energy producing towns, was the first to order eight hybrid Euro 6 Volvo B5L’s. The first of the eight buses was launched at an event with Volvo Buses President, Håkan Agnevall in attendance.
Volvo B5L

Latrobe Valley Bus Lines (LVBL), who have been in the bus business for more than fifty years, are  known amongst other Australian bus operators as environmentally conscious and a leader in implementing new technologies. Among the first operators to introduce Euro 6 ahead of legislation and are now setting a record with eight hybrid buses.

LVBL first trialled hybrid technology in early 2016. In a bid to reduce their environmental footprint, given their region’s history, LVBL decided to partner with Volvo Buses to provide the first “clean” bus route in Australia. The trial was extremely successful, proving fuel, noise and environmental savings.Volvo’s hybrid buses deliver up to 40 percent saviongs in fuel and climate impacting carbon dioxide emissions and cut harmful nitrogen oxides and particulates by as much as half compared to diesel buses.

General Manager - Volvo Bus Australia, Lauren Downs said Volvo Buses and their local partner in CMV are thrilled to be part of the environmental project with Latrobe Valley Bus Lines, and look forward to supporting them deliver attractive, innovative and environmentally friendly transport solutions to the Latrobe Valley.

“Latrobe Valley Bus Lines share a number of common values with Volvo, including passion for what we do, innovation, trust, diversity, safety and care for the environment. When two companies come together with such common values amazing things can happen, and the launch of the first Volvo Euro 6 hybrid in the country with LVBL is definitely symbolic of that.”

The buses will be bodied by Australian bodybuilder, Volgren in Melbourne, and will feature low floors to improve passenger access and flow.

 “We are extremely excited to introduce the new Volvo hybrids into our fleet. We have closely followed the progress of the build which started in January this year. It has been a fantastic team effort by everyone involved, following the journey from Volvo in Sweden -  to Volgren - to the Latrobe Valley, in Victoria,” says Rhonda Renwick., Managing Driector, Latrobe Valley Bus Lines.

On the 16th of August 2018, Latrobe Valley Bus Lines hosted an event in order to launch the first hybrid vehicle to the community. Key guest speakers were invited from the Public Transport Department of Victoria as well as local ministers and council members. In addition, Volvo Buses President, Håkan Agnevall, was present to congratulate Latrobe Valley Buslines on their sustainable buses and being a leader in the Australian bus industry.


For further information, please contact:
Darian Conradie, Sales & Marketing Coordinator,
Volvo Bus Australia
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