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Volvo Bus Australia and Buslines celebrate 19 years of successful partnership

Buslines reflect on the passionate people and unrivalled service they have experienced from Volvo Bus Australia over the years, as we hear about how they are truly making the most of the Connected Services technology.
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With close to 50 years in the Australian market, Volvo Bus Australia has been lucky enough to have spent 19 of these years working alongside one of their most loyal customers, Buslines. Originally founded as ‘John A Gilbert Pty Limited’ nearly a century ago in 1926, Buslines now operates 380 buses that service a network of bus routes in major country towns throughout New South Wales.

The group transports more than 15 million customers annually and employs over 540 staff. Together the team at Buslines share a similar ethos to Volvo Bus Australia, in being dedicated to providing safety, reliability and comfort to all customers.  

Buslines is also committed to a philosophy of excellence, which has in turn, been seen through every division of the company – especially when it comes to their fleet.

After making their first purchase from Volvo Bus in 2001, five B7R buses, Volvo Buses now make up more than half of Buslines’ fleet, with a total of 178 Volvo buses owned and operated by the company. Their impressive fleet boasts several of Volvo’s B7R, B7RLE, B12BLE and B8RLE buses and coaches.

With buses and coaches moving in and out of their 13 depots and 12 workshops across New South Wales’ countryside, Buslines depend on reliable and committed teams internally and externally to support their vision and services.

Volvo’s Connected Services has been at the forefront of these solutions and has been a guiding force in providing unparalleled diagnostic services remotely, with efficiency and accuracy. Having various isolated and scattered depots and workshops across New South Wales, Peter Ferris, Buslines Group’s CEO, believes that Volvo’s Connected Services has streamlined the essential service operations for their Volvo vehicles.

“Having been a customer with Volvo Bus Australia for the past 19 years, we are continuously impressed with their technology and service advancements. For Buslines Group, Volvo’s Connected Services has been an absolute dream in giving us real time diagnostics, data updates and seamless solutions,” says Peter Ferris, CEO of Buslines Group.

Remote diagnostics provides the opportunity to identify issues remotely in order to optimise operating efficiencies – ultimately, keeping buses on the road for longer. Speaking to Aaron Neilson, Buslines’ Group Fleet and Maintenance Manager, he explains the benefit of using the technology across a large number of workshops. Aaron recounts an example only a few weeks ago, of a warning light showing on a bus on a route in Byron Bay.

The workshop team were able to log on remotely, check in on the fault, and make the call whether to bring the bus back to the workshop at Lismore, or for it to finish its run. It’s the flexibility and peace of mind, he says, that is only available via Volvo’s Connected Services offering. He also credits the strong relationship with Volvo’s Regional Service Manager Daniel Coleman, as another reason he can trust his Volvo fleet are in the best condition they can be in.

Both Peter & Aaron agree that Connected Services has played an essential role in improving the level of fleet control for Buslines. “The overall service offering is second to none”, says Aaron.

It is because of services like these that Buslines has never purchased buses based on price, but rather based on quality. Such quality paired with the unrivalled service of Volvo Bus Australia has nurtured their strong relationship with Buslines over the years.

“We are very grateful for the team at Volvo Bus Australia who have worked with us around the clock to provide us with the solutions and support we need in order to run our company effectively. We are also very lucky to have established such a strong relationship with Volvo Bus over the years, and I’m sure there are many more to come,” says Peter Ferris, CEO.

The dedicated team at Volvo Bus Australia has been proudly supporting Buslines over the past 19 years after Ray Andrich, Volvo Bus Australia’s Regional Sales Manager, sold that first B7R back in 2001. Nearly two decades on, and Ray still remains the first point of contact at Volvo Bus Australia.

In addition, David Woodward, Volvo Bus Australia’s National Competence Manager, attends the annual Buslines Training to deliver specialised training. Ray, David, Daniel and the team, have continuously provided specialised solutions and services to Buslines throughout the years.

As 2021 approaches, Volvo Bus Australia and Buslines will soon officially mark 20 strong years of being partners in business, servicing regional New South Wales and their communities – and now, with the benefit of technology such as Connected Services, things can only get better.

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