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Volvo Bus Australia reinforces its commitment to sustainability with the Volvo BZL Electric

Volvo Bus Australia details how the Volvo BZL Electric has become an integral part of Volvo’s holistic sustainability strategy, by supporting environmental care and fulfilling social and ethical responsibilities.
Volvo Bus Australia reinforces its commitment to sustainability

In line with the wider Volvo Group sustainability strategy, Volvo Buses have committed to sustainable practices at every stage of the Volvo BZL Electric’s supply chain – from procurement to repurposing, to ensure the Volvo BZL Electric is sustainable in every way possible.

Volvo Buses have committed to conducting supply chain audits, particularly at the procurement stage, to ensure raw critical materials are sourced ethically and free from slave and child labour and irresponsible mining practices. These audits will be especially important when it comes to the mining of materials for the Volvo BZL Electric batteries, particularly with the sourcing of lithium and cobalt.

Volvo Buses are also seeking to enhance their supply chain through the recent Volvo Group partnership with SSAB, on the development, serial production and commercialisation of the fossil-free steel – with plans to integrate this steel into Volvo Bus products, like the Volvo BZL Electric.  

Circularity is also a major focus for Volvo Bus Australia. As it stands, the Volvo BZL Electric chassis is 90% recyclable. Electric batteries are key recyclable components of the product, and Volvo Bus Australia is committed to deploying a sustainable battery lifecycle management strategy, from sourcing to repurposing, to reduce environmental impacts. Similarly, the use of genuine Volvo remanufactured parts in the Volvo BZL Electric lifecycle will further promote circularity, by recycling and upgrading older parts.

Stringent cyber and data security is also a key sustainability priority for Volvo Buses. Volvo’s team of experts are working alongside trusted partners within the cyber and data security space to ensure Volvo’s data security systems deliver increased reliability and protection for storing customer information and data associated with transport routes and networks, minimising the risk of malicious cyber-attack.

Volvo Bus Australia General Manager, Mitch Peden, said that these wide range of sustainability initiatives linked to the Volvo BZL Electric, are all part of Volvo Bus Australia’s broader sustainability strategy for the future.

“Our Volvo BZL Electric product is a testament to our broader sustainability commitment, as we work towards the UN Development Goals with our trusted global partners, ensuring our electric offering is environmentally, socially and ethically sustainable,” said Peden.

“From committing to supply chain audits to uphold responsible material sourcing and ethical labour, to encouraging remanufactured parts and battery circularity, to maintaining stringent data and cyber security – we are striving to ensure our Volvo BZL Electric is sustainable in every sense of the word. We will strive to ensure that partners utilising the Volvo BZL will not only benefit from class leading safety and training but will have their social licence to be a public transport operator enhanced as well as they become part of Volvo’s industry leading sustainable business practices.”

Volvo Buses have also been engaged in Volvo Group’s wider sustainability efforts. Recent examples include the implementation of Volvo Group Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan, as well as the group’s revised social goals to continue fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion.

“In addition to taking a holistic approach to the sustainability of our products, we’re proud to have this translated into everything else that we do at Volvo Buses and the wider Volvo Group. While our products like the Volvo BZL Electric will contribute to cleaner and more efficient cities, our broader sustainability efforts across our business will continue to promote a positive culture that strives for a better future for everyone.”