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Volvo Turnkey solution

An all inclusive e-mobility offer

Volvo Turnkey is a business model especially designed for operating traffic with electrified buses. It gives specified availability of fully operational vehicles at an agreed cost. The operator benefits from improved equity and cash-flow, predictable operational cost and improved passenger satisfaction.

All-day availability

Capacity and uptime are cruicial revenue factors in every bus operation. A Volvo Turnkey solution secures availability and operating time on the road, thus boosting your profitability. In compliance with your schedules and other assignments Volvo will make sure you always have the right number of vehicles ready to serve.

Financially sound

Volvo Turnkey is a business model offering simplicity and flexibility. You can choose whether your company, Volvo or one of our strategic partners owns the buses and there are several leasing and financing options. You will reduce the capital employed and be in total control of your operational and maintenance costs. Add to that an improvement in cashflow and equity, and it’s easy to see the business upside of Volvo Turnkey.

Included in the offer

Working with our strategic partners Volvo can deliver industry leading and comprehensive turnkey solutions. It icludes vehicles, maintenance, connectivity, zone management, infrastructure and implementation.

Project management

With a solution coordinated by Volvo you get project management that ensures smooth and efficient implementation. We have long experience of how to simulate different routes and how to calculate charging sequences for maximum availability and efficiency. We also have long experience of working together with charging providers to ensure the optimum placement and implementation of charging stations.

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