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The Volvo BZL – SC Neustar City

Built by Singapore, in Singapore, for Singapore – and beyond

SC Auto and Volvo Buses proudly introduces the Volvo BZL – SC Neustar City. An all-new electric low-floor, three-door city bus, built to the highest standards. It offers a new level of safe, efficient and responsible public transport.

A quiet and comfortable experience

Your passengers will appreciate the silent ride in the bright and fully flat-floor cabin. The heat-reflecting double glazing not only keeps the heat out, it also contributes to the low interior noise. Seating is provided by 25 safety seats, three priority seats and two wheelchair bays. The wall-mounted seats are low-maintenance, anti-vandalism and energy-absorbing as well as shatter-free in the unlikely event of a crash impact.

More passengers – additional miles

Using premium materials in an advanced structural design has resulted in unmatched strength and energy storage capacity, in combination with a capacity of up to 89 passengers, depending on configuration. Roof-mounted components, lightweight materials, composites and high-tensile steel make for high performance and low maintenance costs. The vehicle’s durability is documented in real-life tests and extensive FEA simulations.

Built to the highest safety standards

Safety comes from within. Solid structure, powerful driveline, electronically controlled brakes and advanced systems for driver assistance make for outstanding preventive and protective safety. Add to that an unparalleled electrical and battery safety architecture, making work in the depot and maintenance both safe and swift.

Reducing your operational costs

The highly energy-efficient chassis is engineered and assembled by the skilled mechanics in Volvo’s Swedish manufacturing plant, a perfect match to SC Auto’s body concept. The design is modular inside out with a high degree of cross-model commonality. This modularity means lower repair costs, reduced downtime and simplified stockkeeping of spare parts.

Dimensions and weights

Overall chassis length approx. (mm)12,000
Wheelbase (mm)5950
Height (mm)3200
Overall width (mm)2550
Permitted GVW (kg)19,500


Interior height (mm)2000
Door 1 width (mm)1200
Door 2 width (mm)1200
Door 3 width (mm)800

Seating + Standees

Maximum no. of passengers89
No. of standard seats25 + standard armrest
Priority seats3 + retractable armrest
Wheelchair bay2 + foldable handicapped seat

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