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Improve your drivers’ performance

Volvo I-Coaching is a connected service for continuous improvement of driver performance. Instant feedback on vital driving parameters help professional drivers to adopt a more smoother, more efficient driving style. On a discreet display on the dashboard, the driver gets alerts on harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as over-speeding and excessive revving and idling.

Instant feedback

Volvo I-Coaching is a very direct, and thus efficient, tool for improving driver performance. Instant feedback on vital driving parameters help professional drivers to adopt a more efficient driving style. I-Coaching has proven to give lasting effects on fuel consumption and passenger comfort.

How better driving could mean 5% of fuel savings*

The implementation of I-Coaching can give stunning results. In a real-life case from commercial operation, a customer reset these parameters in order to suit their business. The drivers were informed about the function and how to act upon alerts. A trial was conducted over a period of six months and the operator noted amazing results. Fuel savings exceeded 5% and driving parameters indicated substantially enhanced ride comfort.

*Data reported by a major Australian operator.

Saving fuel

It’s a fact that I-Coaching is a fast way to a more efficient driving style. Reports show that I-Coaching alone can give a five percent fuel saving.

Less wear and tear

Smoother driving also reduces the risk of damage and unnecessary wear on brakes, tyres and so on. I-Coaching can save quite a lot of money on you maintenance bill.

Passenger comfort

The driver is just as important for the customer’s experience as are the seat comfort and the on-board facilities. Adding I-Coaching will increase your share of loyal and satisfied passengers.

A part of fleet management

Volvo’s Fleet Management is a set of connected services which let you know the status of your operation and the health of your fleet. Taking action based on real-life data can dramatically reduce fuel consumption and therefore save a lot of money each month – not to mention the effect on an entire fleet over its lifetime.

Adding zones to I-Coaching

Volvo Coaching Zones is an added service to, and a refinement of, Volvo I-Coaching. By defining coaching zones you can fine-tune the feedback to your drivers and help them take extra care on demanding road stretches.
Coaching Zones

I-Coaching and Coaching Zones explained

These services give immediate and lasting effects. How it works? Watch the film here.


There’s more information to be found. Use the links to download the documents.

Fact sheet I-Coaching Format PDF Size 306 KB
Fact sheet Zone Management Format PDF Size 3 MB

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