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Volvo Buses deliver the first of 50 Volvo diesel hybrid buses to Singapore’s Land Transport Authority.

Volvo Buses delivered the first of 50 Volvo diesel hybrid buses to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore. The decision to introduce hybrid buses to the roads of Singapore was made by the LTA in an effort to build a more environmentally-friendly public bus fleet.
Volvo diesel Hybrid Bus

 “On behalf of Volvo Buses, we are excited to deliver hybrid buses to the LTA in Singapore. It is great to see that sustainable transport solutions are and remain a key priority for the Singapore government. With hybrid buses on the roads, we believe that the LTA will not only save on fuel costs, but  also will benefit from cleaner air, less noise pollution and new possibilities for city development.” says Volvo Buses Singapore Director, Manish Sahi.

The new Volvo hybrid buses are capable of being propelled electrically from standstill up to 15–20 km/h. As speed rises, a small efficient diesel engine complements the electric motor. The batteries are charged during braking, thus requiring no external charging infrastructure.

Volvo’s hybrid buses deliver significant fuel savings and therefore, reduce climate impacting carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, they also reduce harmful nitrogen oxides and particulates by as much as half compared to regular diesel buses.

The highly efficient Euro 6 Volvo hybrid buses come with a 5 litre engine along with a 600V lithium-ion energy storage system.

The 12 metre buses are bodied by MCV, Egypt, which will add a new look to buses in Singapore. They will continue to feature low floors throughout the vehicle and have a carrying capacity of 84 passengers (28 seated + 56 standees), with 2 wheelchair spaces.

Additionally these Volvo hybrids are equipped with double glazed glass windows for better heat and noise insulation, thus providing better comfort to passengers.

Volvo Buses would like to congratulate the LTA on their new acquisitions and look forward to delivering Asia Pacific’s largest fleet of Volvo hybrid buses.


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