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Volvo Introduces Game-Changing Volvo B13R Chassis, Elevating Coach Operations in Singapore

Volvo Buses unveils the ground-breaking Volvo B13R chassis, designed to revolutionize the local bus market in Singapore with its cutting-edge features, environmental sustainability, unparalleled safety, and exceptional quality. This coach sets a new standard of excellence, meeting the evolving needs of coach operators and ensuring superior performance, reduced operational costs, and increased profitability.
Marishya Wilhelmina, Director of Volvo Buses APAC Central Region

Volvo Buses proudly presents the remarkable Volvo B13R Euro 6 chassis, a game-changer in the coach industry, promising to redefine the coach operators experience in Singapore. With an unrivalled combination of innovative features, environmental care, and safety measures, the Volvo B13R sets a new benchmark for excellence.

Marishya Wilhelmina (Director of Volvo Buses APAC Central Region), Mats Nilsson (Vice President, Volvo Buses APAC), Ang Soo Hock (CEO of ComfortDelGro Engineering Pte Ltd), Achuth Das (Country Manager, Volvo Buses Singapore Market)

Unmatched Safety Features:

Safety is the cornerstone of the Volvo B13R Euro 6 chassis with state-of-the-art safety technologies to safeguard both passengers and drivers. While the Volvo Dynamic Steering ensures effortless manoeuvrability, other optional safety features like lane-keeping support, collision warning, and emergency braking provide additional layers of protection. The focus on safety empowers operators to prioritize passenger security and instil confidence in their drivers, resulting in a secure, comfortable, and worry-free journey.


A Commitment to Environmental Sustainability:

Environmental care remains a top priority for Volvo. The new coach platform, with all the technological advancements, delivers up to 9% fuel savings compared to its predecessor. This significant stride towards sustainable transportation reduces carbon emissions as well, thus showcasing Volvo's dedication to environmental responsibility while offering cost savings to our operators.

Left to right: Marishya Wilhelmina (Director of Volvo Buses APAC Central Region), Mats Nilsson (Vice President, Volvo Buses APAC), Ang Soo Hock (CEO of ComfortDelGro Engineering Pte Ltd), Achuth Das (Country Manager, Volvo Buses Singapore Market)

Uncompromising Quality and Performance:

The Volvo B13R chassis has an array of features that ensure uncompromising quality and outstanding performance. With a new generation I-Shift transmission, a redesigned digital driver instrument cluster for enhanced visibility and control, and up to 500 horsepower with massive torque, this coach delivers unmatched performance on any terrain. The new suspension system provides perfect balance and stability, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for our passengers.

Even before the official launch, four of our customers placed orders for the Volvo B13R chassis enforcing their confidence in the brand and its commitment to excellence. This pre-launch trust from customers reflects the reputation and reliability of Volvo in meeting the specific needs of coach operators.

On the launch day, customers were given an exclusive opportunity to ride a coach built on the Volvo B13R chassis. This gave our customers a first-hand opportunity to touch, feel and experience the impressive capabilities of the Volvo B13R product and further strengthen their trust in the Volvo brand. The customers were also given the exclusive opportunity to tour Volvo 's regional distribution center which has the responsibility to supply spare parts for the Volvo product range across different business areas in Asia. Witnessing the parts stocking, inventory levels and operation process provides our customers the security and confidence in the Volvo brand with the assurance of excellent aftermarket support.


Wilhelmina Marishya, Director of Volvo Buses APAC Central Region, expressed her gratitude, saying, "We are extremely grateful for the trust our customers have shown in the Volvo brand by placing orders even prior to seeing the chassis. This early confidence in the Volvo B13R coach platform truly inspires us to continue delivering excellence. The warehouse tour further reinforces our commitment to providing outstanding support and peace of mind to our customers."


Experience the Future of Premium Transportation:

The Volvo B13R chassis is now available for ordering, offering coach operators the opportunity to experience the future of premium transportation.