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Singapore’s single largest direct order: Sun-Gee Travel and Volvo Buses strengthen ties with 30 units B8R coach chassis.

Volvo buses announces its single largest direct chassis order in Singapore. Sun-Gee Travel and Volvo Buses strengthen ties with an order for 30 units B8R coach chassis coupled with a 5-year preventive maintenance contract to ensure unparalleled uptime and reliability.

SINGAPORE, November 1, 2023 — Sun-Gee Travel Pte Ltd, a leading player in Singapore's private bus transportation industry, has taken a historic leap in its collaboration with Volvo Buses Singapore. This is a milestone as it marks the single largest private coach order ever received by Volvo bus in Singapore. The order is also backed by a 5-year preventive maintenance contract with ComfortDelGro Engineering, Volvo Buses' sole authorized dealer for parts and services in Singapore.


Established in 1981, Sun-Gee Travel Pte Ltd has become a renowned name in Singapore's private bus transportation sector with a fleet of 130 buses catering to various clientele, including employee transportation, corporate needs, school children, and tourists. The company’s unwavering commitment to delivering professional, safe, and dedicated services has solidified its position as a transport specialist, addressing the dynamic demands of today's transportation landscape.


Safety has always been paramount for both Sun-Gee Travel and Volvo Buses. The latest addition of Volvo chassis to the Sun-Gee fleet are equipped with the Volvo Driver Support System (DSS), comprising of the Collision Warning with Emergency Brake (CW-EB) and Lane Keeping Support (LKS) features, elevating safety for passengers, driver, and all road users.


At the heart of these buses is the state-of-the-art Volvo B8R E6 chassis, coupled with bodywork from Sin Hock Leong, ensuring not only top-notch safety features but also unmatched performance, efficiency, and comfort.


What sets this partnership apart is the 5-year service agreement with ComfortDelGro Engineering, Volvo Buses' authorized dealer for parts and services in Singapore. This agreement ensures that the vehicles will be meticulously maintained based on planned schedules, using Volvo genuine parts and services provided by Volvo-trained and certified technicians. This commitment to ongoing maintenance guarantees unparalleled uptime and reliability, reducing the risk of breakdowns and ensuring that passengers enjoy a consistently safe and efficient travel experience.


"This collaboration with Sun-Gee Travel Pte Ltd is a testament to our commitment of providing the best-in-class transportation solutions that prioritize safety and customer satisfaction," said Achuth Das, Country Manager of Volvo Buses Singapore. "With the 5-year service agreement in place, we are not just providing top-notch buses; we are also ensuring that these vehicles remain in a mint condition throughout their service life, offering peace-of-mind to both Sun-Gee Travel and their passengers."


Mr. Kailiang Neo, Owner of Sun-Gee Travel Pte Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm for this development, saying, "Our partnership with Volvo Buses Singapore has been exceptionally successful, and we are proud to expand our fleet with the world-class Volvo B8R coach chassis platform. The 5-year service contract ensures that our vehicles are always in excellent condition, providing us with peace-of-mind and delivering the utmost reliability to our passengers."


The addition of these 30 new Volvo buses to Sun-Gee Travel's fleet is a remarkable achievement, and it signifies the continued growth and success of both companies. Together, they are poised to redefine excellence in the private bus transportation industry, offering passengers a safer, more comfortable, and efficient mode of travel while ensuring uninterrupted uptime and peace of mind.


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