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The all-new fully-electric Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range

The all-new Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range electric low-floor premium city bus is jointly developed by two leading manufacturers in the international and local bus scene – Volvo Buses and Gemilang International Ltd – to deliver advanced emission-free transport solutions in Malaysia It represents Volvo’s first electric city bus that is designed and built locally in Malaysia on par with European standards and quality to offer greater safety, efficiency, and environmental protection

SHAH ALAM, 21 May 2024 - Volvo Buses, part of the Volvo Group (“Volvo”) and one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable people transport solutions, together with Gemilang International Ltd (“Gemilang”), one of Malaysia’s homegrown leading manufacturers of bodywork for buses and coaches, today jointly launched the all-new, flagship Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range, offering Volvo’s first and locally-built electric low-floor, two-door, premium class, city bus in Malaysia.


It represents the combination of European experience through Volvo’s electromobility innovations and local expertise in Gemilang’s accomplished track record on electric bus body to deliver a new level of safety, efficiency and emission-free city transport solutions.


The energy-efficient chassis and driveline components of the Volvo BZL are engineered and developed in accordance with the strictest standards in Volvo’s manufacturing plant in Sweden using premium materials and advanced structural design for unmatched strength and optimum energy storage capacity.


According to the companies, the all-new electric premium city bus is poised to be a game changer that will raise industry bar and power the progress of Malaysia’s electric bus segment, as well as hastening the achievement of a more sustainable future.


During the launch, a signing ceremony with Rapid Bus Sdn Bhd (“Rapid Bus”) was held to confirm the implementation of a trial operation involving the Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range for Rapid KL bus service. Representing Rapid Bus at the ceremony was its Chief Executive Officer, Muhammad Yazurin Sallij. The trial operation is targeted to commence this July 2024, and is expected to take place for at least six (6) months.

Supporting the Transformation of Malaysia’s Public Transport Sector and Carbon-Neutral Aspirations

The offering of the all-new Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range as the new zero-emission public transport solution dovetails with Malaysia’s plan for a massive shift towards increasing the adoption rate of electric buses plying major cities, starting with the Klang Valley. It supports Rapid Bus’ fleet electrification plan to replace the company’s current diesel-powered buses with electric buses by 2030 with the aim to decarbonize the public transport sector over time and to reduce city air pollution. Additionally, to lend an overall support to the Government’s efforts in making Malaysia a carbon-neutral nation by 2050.


The Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range provides a viable solution as a greener way for people to travel and is expected to reduce carbon emissions by up to 60% or approximately 329kg per passenger per year of carbon dioxide for every 15,000km when comparing an electric bus to that of a diesel bus’s similar journey.


Efficient Operational Cost and High Passenger Capacity

Built on the Volvo BZL 4x2 chassis variant, which is renowned for its globally proven electric driveline, the locally-built GML Eco Range is designed for efficient city bus operations and features a low and completely flat floor from front to back, giving greater accessibility and stability to passengers. The body concept is modular in design thus it can be constructed based on customer’s requirements. This modularity in design contributes to lower repair costs, reduced downtime and simplified stockkeeping of spare parts.


It can hold a capacity of up to 91 passengers, with 33 seating capacity comprising safety seats, priority seats and foldable seats, and 58 standees depending on the selection of body length. The body can be customized for length ranging from 10.6 to 12.5 meters.

Superior Durability with Global Safety Standards

The Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range is built on solid structure based on the most stringent safety standards that have already been tested, applied and proven in Europe. The powerful driveline is equipped with a comprehensive range of advanced braking technologies which include Volvo disc brakes, Electronic Braking System (EBS), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Acceleration Slip Regulator (ASR), Brake Blending, Hill Start Aid and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Additionally, other safety features to assist the driver like departure warning, collision warning, 360 camera and e-mirror could be offered as options.


The electric chassis has a multilayer safety system with standards that exceed the European legal requirements to ensure maximum safety levels at all times, especially with regard to thermal management. Safety is embedded into every aspect of the vehicle’s Energy Storage System, from the battery cell design and packing, short circuit prevention and disconnect measures, battery management systems, thermal management control to damage protection.


In the unlikely event of a malfunction, the battery cell and its local environment are designed to ‘self-extinguish’ by automatically discharging a thermal suppression agent with no further propagation to surrounding cells. This has been repeatedly proven in testing.


The Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range electric bus offers charging flexibility by providing hardware interfaces for OppCharge automatic high-power charging as well as CCS charging sockets. The energy storage is roof-mounted, thus contributing to passenger space and optimised weight distribution.

Quality Urban Commute

The Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range is also equipped with a powerful and efficient climate control air conditioning system supported by the Energy Storage System which optimizes the energy supply and makes the best use of it.


The bus body, constructed with top quality double-glazed glass panels, lets light in during daytime whilst effectively insulates against the sun’s heat and loud traffic noises from the outside. All these features provide passengers on board the Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range a silent and comfortable ride in a bright, cooling, and pleasant ambience, elevating their city commuting experience.


As for the driver’s station, it is fitted with instrument cluster for ease of drive. The safety seat is ergonomically designed and mechanically suspended, providing multiple adjustment features that enhance overall driving comfort.


The powerful driveline with up to 400 kW (540 hp) makes the acceleration and uphill capabilities of the Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range effortless, as it already delivers impressive torque from a standstill.


The Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range electric city bus is set to change the future of urban commute by delivering a truly differentiated ride experience for both driver and passengers in Malaysia.

Marcus Mak, Country Manager of Volvo Buses Malaysia said, “As a global provider of transport solutions focused on cutting-edge innovations, our ambition is to offer the world’s most responsible and safe electric bus systems. We believe that electromobility is one of the greatest solutions that can power a better future for all. The introduction of the Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range will contribute to a more sustainable environment through zero-emission whilst playing a key role in strengthening industry networks through increasing understanding of superior electromobility technologies.”


Pang Jun Jie, Executive Director, Gemilang International Ltd remarked, “The introduction of the all-new Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range today is very timely given domestically, Rapid Bus is set to expand its fleet of electric buses as part of its fleet electrification programme. With aluminium body super structure, the Volvo BZL-GML Eco Range possesses outstanding reliability, safety levels and environmental performance that are suited for use as the choice public transportation vehicle in Malaysia. Gemilang shares the same goal with Volvo in achieving sustainability through electromobility, which is in line with Malaysian government’s initiatives in reducing carbon footprint and promoting green mobilities in the Klang Valley and other major cities.”