Volvo Buses officially discloses 3 body builders in Thailand

Time to announce the 3 newly selected Volvo Buses Authorized body builders in Thailand.

To celebrate the 1st Year anniversary of the new company, Volvo Bus Thailand is excited to have completed the assessment process that started in late 2021 and officially announce the final selected 3 Volvo authorized local bus bodybuilders as follows: Cherdchai Factory  Company Limited, Cherdchai Corporation Company Limited, and Phanthong Machinery Company Limited.

Dechchai Kulkarineetham, Managing Director of Volvo Bus (Thailand) Ltd revealed that these appointments follow the company’s plan to further develop the domestic market. The addition, local Volvo Bus body assemblers in Thailand  go through an upgrade to the quality of Volvo Bus body assembly, with the ambition both to meet international standards and also provide more options for customers to choose the most suitable options for their business. 

“In Thailand, we sell the chassis directly to our customers and it will be up to our customers to choose the bodybuilder. It is certainly under our supervision to ensure the best body quality and to comply with Volvo Buses’ chassis’ worldwide standards and performance. In the past, we had  very limited choices for our customers. Last year, we set up our new company, Volvo Buses (Thailand) Ltd, as one step to get closer to our customers. One year later, we took a further step to add alternative local Volvo Buses authorized bodybuilders to give our customers the options and flexibility  to choose the right bodybuilder that meets their business needs.  In Volvo, we continuously improve and are committed to be the best business partner of our customers.” said Mr. Dechchai.

Today, our customers in Thailand consist of 4 main business groups: tour operators,  factory operators,  Intercity Bus operators and Government. We believe that the three newly selected Volvo Authorized body builders will better meet the needs of our customers’ different operation requirements. Cherdchai  Factory Co., Ltd has been a partner of Volvo Buses for more than 20 years and Cherdchai Corporation Company Limited is also a high-quality bus body assembler. Phanthong Machinery Company Limited has been a Body Builder for a long time prior to its certification by Volvo Buses. To support the three newly authorized Volvo Buses bodybuilders, the Volvo Buses Thailand team will give timely consultation and guidance  on the bus body assembly process in accordance with international standards under Volvo Buses’ trademark.