Our core values


We strive to be the ultimate provider of sustainable transport solutions. We do this because we care about the coming generations and the future of our planet. It’s rooted in our core values Safety, Quality and Environmental Care, which form the foundation of our daily work and shape the way we develop for the future.

In our nature


Safety has been our guiding star since 1927 when Volvo was founded. Today, more than 90 years later, we’re still leading the way with a range of pioneering safety innovations that are spreading throughout the vehicle industry. And our vision is clear: zero accidents with Volvo Group products.

A responsibility in society

For us, safety is much more than just developing innovative safety solutions in our products. We also have a responsibility in society. Volvo Group is one of the world’s largest companies in terms of safety research for commercial vehicles.

Active safety systems

Safety starts with the driver. That’s why we continuously develop active safety systems with a host of smart sensors and intelligent processing. To assist and warn the driver – but also to take action automatically in emergencies.

Outstanding protection systems

In the event of an accident, our task is to minimise the consequences for drivers, passengers and other road users. Our protection systems significantly reduce the risk of serious injuries in collisions with passenger cars.

Environmental care

Environmental Care is a Volvo core value. But to us it means much more than just clean air. It’s about using resources responsibly, and about strategies for environmentally sound and cost-efficient infrastructure. Allowing us to provide sustainable transport solutions and new possibilities for modern city development.

Providing cleaner bus fleets

Volvo Buses has joined The Global Industry Partnership on Soot-Free Clean Bus Fleets. We believe that this initiative can accelerate bus fleet renewal and thereby also air quality improvements in many cities around the world.

Environmental technologies

Volvo is the world leader in electromobility, with electrified buses sold around the world. Flexible charging and battery solutions, battery second life and connected technologies add to the positive effects on the environment.

Pioneering sustainable production

Our chassis factory in Borås, Sweden, is the first bus plant solely powered by renewable energy. With district heating from biofuels and on-site vehicles running on HVO and fossil-free hydroelectricity, the factory’s overall energy consumption has been reduced by 15%. And this work goes on. We strive for a zero carbon footprint and we’re getting closer day by day.

Sustainable production


The quality of the products and services we supply is crucial to your business performance. This is why quality is a Volvo core value and deeply rooted in our history. We’re dedicated to ensuring that what we deliver exceeds your expectations.

Premium quality in every detail

Our quality promise is based on a Volvo culture built on everyone's commitment. It’s a culture of progress and innovation, helping to ensure premium quality in every detail, taking us towards our goal to be number one in customer satisfaction.

Full-scale testing

In addition to realistic computer simulations, full-scale testing is important in our safety work. With results from the test tracks and laboratories, we can analyse and verify that all our products meet the legal requirements and certifications.

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