Support for multiple vehicles in Tracking Report

Now the Tracking Report has support for multiple vehicles. Select “Filter” and “Vehicle” and select all vehicles that you want to view events for.

There are also new parameters available in the report:

  • Chassis number
  • Altitude (m)
  • Battery voltage (V)
  • Engine coolant temperature (C°)
  • Indoor temperature (C°)
  • Outdoor temperature (C°)
  • Axle weights for axle 1 to 4 (t)
  • Door status (Open/Closed)

To view these parameters for all your events, select “Filter”, then select the drop down for “Parameters”, then check the parameters you are interested in and finally select “Apply filter”.

Another new feature is support for hybrid vehicles and the report is now also showing the changed values for Auxiliary events, e.g. State of Charge from 87 % to 86 %.

Known limitations are performance related and will be continuously improved.

The recommended number of selected vehicles is a maximum of 200.