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Volvo BZR Electric is built from the global Volvo Group electromobility architecture. It’s highly adaptable to a wide range of city and transit applications, featuring the latest Volvo technology in energy efficiency, safety and driver support.

Fit for any climate

Volvo BZR Electric is a global platform for a multitude of applications. It has been specifically designed to withstand arctic cold and desert heat. The operating temperature is specified to the range of -40 to +50°C.

Uptime and reliability

Volvo BZR Electric is ready for your chosen first-class body. Whatever the type of application, the result will be a highly efficient bus of high quality, easy to maintain and with excellent ride comfort.

The world’s most versatile electric mobility platform

Boost your passenger capacity

Volvo BZR Electric offers outstanding passenger capacity. Up to 15 meters in length and maximum weight of 27,000 kg. And with modular energy storage, it’s possible to increase number of passengers even further.

Specifications for Volvo BZR Electric

Unlimited range

Some routes are more demanding than others. Volvo BZR Electric has two types of charging interface: CCS and OppCharge. With on-route charging, you can reduce the number of batteries, increase passenger capacity and get more or less unlimited daily range.

Energy management

Right-sizing energy storage – minimizing dead weight

With a maximum of 540 kWh installed nominal capacity, the Volvo BZR Electric can take on any route. For shorter and less demanding routes, the onboard energy storage can be optimized in size, which saves weight, hence allowing for extra passengers.

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State-of-the-art battery management system (BMS)

A bus battery’s lifetime will substantially increase if it is managed correctly, both in operation and in charging and maintenance. All Volvo electric buses feature a smart BMS which controls all charging and discharging processes, and which also monitors battery health and performance.

Superior driver comfort

Handling and drivability

The Volvo BZR Electric chassis is built in Sweden, from premium materials and to the highest standards. For you, the benefits are not only durability and quality but also superior handling properties and an excellent driving experience.

A perfect workplace

Volvo BZR Electric comes with several features that boost comfort and safety behind the steering wheel, which has buttons for various media. A dynamic instrument cluster provides a superior overview of important driver information, enhancing driver focus and control.

Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS)

VDS is a Volvo-unique technology that improves stability, steering responsiveness and precision. It substantially reduces the strain on the driver’s shoulders, neck and arms, while adding stability and ride comfort for your passengers.

Safety features

Active safety systems

Volvo offers an array of intelligent features that help the driver to drive safely and avoid accidents, injuries and damage. Excellent visibility and ergonomics help the driver stay focused and alert.

Forward Collision Warning
Intelligent Speed Assist
Side Collision Avoidance Support
Front Short Range Assist
Lane Keeping Support
Driver Alert Support
Tire Pressure Monitoring System

More about active safety

A perfect workplace

Safety is a cornerstone already in the initial phases of our product development. Drivability, road handling and a predictable behavior are the foundation of Volvo holistic safety architecture, aiming at our vision of zero accidents.

Volvo Dynamic Steering
Safety Zones
Electronic Stability Control

More about safe driving

Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS)

Volvo has the industry’s strongest reputation for safety innovations. The Volvo BZR Electric is equipped with a sturdy internal structure and several protective features that significantly reduce the risk of serious injuries in the unlikely event of a collision.

Front Impact Protection
Knee Impact Protection
Front Underrun Protection

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