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Specifications for Volvo BZR Electric

The Volvo BZR Electric platform offers flexible components and battery installations, chassis- and roof-mounted, optimizing passenger capacity. The Volvo-designed ESS enables installations with up to six batteries for a nominal capacity of up to 540 kWh. The platform comes with complete bodybuilding instructions for new partners. The maintenance is assured throughout the complete Volvo Service Network.

Dimensions and weights

 4x2 Medium Floor6x2 Medium Floor4x2 Low Entry6x2 Low Entry
Length9.5–13.2 m12.4–14.9 m9.8–13.1 m12.8–14.8 m
Width2.5 m2.5 m2.5 m2.5 m
Transport wheelbase4.0 m4.0 m4.0 m4.0 m
Permitted GVW20,800 kg27,200 kg20,600 kg27,000 kg

Driver’s environment

Volvo BZR Electric comes with several features that boost comfort and safety for the driver. Cluster and controls are transit mounted. Also available with Volvo dashboard.


Dashboard that moves with steering wheel adjustment
Volvo Dynamic Steering
Digital instrument cluster
Steering wheel buttons for easy access
Integrated infotainment

Climate system

Chassis prepared for various roofmounted HVAC units from different suppliers for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, including heat pump functionality).

Thermal management system

Coolant level warning in instrument cluster
Automated control of battery temperature with active cooling/heating system
Electric driveline and auxiliaries cooling circuit
Heat dissipation from driveline circuit is recovered by a heat exchanger

All-Volvo driveline

Volvo BZR is an all-Volvo design and part of the Volvo group-wide e-mobility architecture. All components are designed and manufactured to work perfectly together. This means that technical documentation and spare parts compatibility are always up to date, ensuring swift and efficient maintenance.


Electric motorsSingle or dual Volvo electric motors
Traction voltage600 V
Power output200 kW or 2x200 kW
Energy storageUp to 540 kWh

Charging flexibility


Maximum charge power up to 450 kW

Customer specifies position of rails


Maximum charge power 250 kW

Front left and/or right charging

Volvo Ready-to-Run

Internal functionality which keeps the traction batteries at working temperature, to ensure that the bus can be started directly without pre-heating.

The 24 V batteries are charged from 600 V battery

Pre-heating/cooling of cabin possible when supported by HVAC supplier

Active safety systems

Forward Collision Warning
Intelligent Speed Assist
Side Collision Avoidance Support
Front Short Range Assist
Lane Keeping Support
Driver Alert Support
Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Safer driving

Volvo Dynamic Steering
Safety Zones
Electronic Stability Control

Protection systems

Front Impact Protection
Knee Impact Protection
Front Underrun Protection

Energy Storage System safety

Battery monitoring
Automatic safety functions on cell and pack level
Isolation resistance monitoring
Charging safety
Mechanical protection
Rescue sheet


Volvo I-Shift Automated Mechanical Transmission 

Suspension and axles

Electronically controlled air suspension with kneeling function available on all variants.
Volvo Beam Axle (front), and Volvo’s single reduction rear axle with optimised ratios.


Forward Collision Warning
Electronic Braking System (EBS 5)
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

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