Parts & Workshop

Parts & workshop

Genuine parts for a genuine bus
A Volvo bus comprises thousands of carefully tested and perfectly matched components. Combined, they form a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle built for many years of care-free, productive transportation.

Why buy genuine Volvo Parts instead of inexpensive copies? Basically, it is a question of security and maximum vehicle availability.

This is why!
• You always receive parts of the highest quality and longest product life
• You receive the parts quickly and efficiently - even parts for older bus models
• The fit and function is correct and precise
• You get full guarantee
• You will have the latest available technology
• You maintain the high safety level of the bus
Always close to you
Volvo has one of the most comprehensive service networks in the industry, with more than 1,500 dealers and service centres worldwide.

Customers can obtain assistance with everything from choosing a vehicle to obtaining certified service, prompt provision of spare parts and financing.

Volvo Bus Service Centres
Several of our specially selected service centres in Europe are called "Volvo Bus Service Centres." In addition to the usual service and repair work, they also perform repairs on collision-damaged vehicles and offer various types of training. 

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