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Service Planning

Service Planning is an integrated service in Volvo Connect for operators who regularly use Volvo’s dealer network for service and maintenance. A service that makes it easy to keep track of upcoming maintenance events, workshop appointments and service follow-up for your Volvo fleet.

Service Calendar

Volvo Connect Service Calendar helps you keep track of maintenance schedules, workshop bookings and other vehicle-related activities. In the Calendar you can also add your own important events and share with the other Volvo Connect users in your fleet. This enables full control of the availability of your assets, ensuring that they are ready for the next assignment.

Workshop History

Workshop History makes it possible to get a quick overview of your vehicles’ workshop records. It provides an overview of the past repair and maintenance visits to a Volvo workshop. For each workshop visit, you can get detailed information such as repair date, odometer, dealer/workshop details, as well as descriptions of the parts and the job done.

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