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Workshop services

If you are an operator running your own workshop, Volvo Connect has a range of services to make your daily work run smoother. Instant access to detailed and updated vehicle information will make the workshop visit shorter. And finding spare parts online makes planning and stock-keeping a lot easier. 

Genuine Volvo Parts online

As a Volvo owner you benefit from Volvo’s global service network and parts logistics. What’s more, it’s easy to find the parts you need online. Powerful search functions that include matching to the individual chassis number ensure you get exactly the right part for each of your vehicles.

Spare parts

Vehicle-specific documentation

Most Volvo buses are tailored to the operator’s specific requirements. Variants and equipment specs make each vehicle an individual. With Volvo Connect it’s easier to keep track of each vehicle’s specification as well as the demand for consumables and spare parts. Keeping the right stuff in stock saves space and money.

Remote access to odometer and diagnostic trouble codes

Remote readout of vehicle data is invaluable for maintenance and service planning. In addition to the fault codes in Vehicle Status, Workshop Services lets you investigate further. With remote and continuous access to odometer readout and DTC codes you can optimise your service planning and prepare for a swift and efficient workshop visit.

Service information and downloads

Clear and concise technical documentation is a Volvo hallmark. With Volvo Connect you get instant access to Volvo’s systems for updated documents and instructions for service and repair procedures. You can also download new software releases for installation in your vehicles. No risk of making mistakes caused by obsolete versions or incomplete service instructions.

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