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Your Volvo stays as good as new

Refurbishments extend the life of a Volvo bus or coach. Interior, exterior and mechanical upgrades make the vehicle as good as new. The refurbishment service is especially suitable for operators who move vehicles into new assignments where equipment and colours are different and where a fresh vehicle means improved customer satisfaction.

Productivity and return on investment

After many years of service, wear and tear will inevitably show. But under the skin a Volvo is close to immortal. That’s why the life of our vehicles can be profitably extended by several years through a premium refurbishment programme. New flooring, paint, textiles and seats are part of the overhaul that will turn your trusty old bus or coach into a money-maker.

Prolonged life

Much of the basic structure of a Volvo is virtually unaffected as the years go by. With a technical makeover a bus or coach can be restored to the specs and functionality similar to those of a new vehicle. A new life of profitable service for Volvos in their prime.

Volvo Bus Refurbishment

A full renovation by Volvo experts makes your bus as good as new.

New assignments

Refurbishment is ideal for an operator moving parts of a fleet into a new assignment. When colour, interior and equipment need to be changed, refurbishment is an attractive alternative to a sell-off and subsequent purchase of new vehicles.

Volvo quality inside and out

Refurbishment by Volvo is the closest you can get to virgin manufacturing. Genuine Volvo Parts and assembly at Volvo premises by trained professionals according to the latest technical documentation. Afterwards, your vehicle is not new, but renewed and just as good.

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