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Volvo Connect is a bus fleet management system and your entrance to the world of Volvo Bus Services. Connected services as well as documentation and workshop tools – all in one place. It supports thorough follow-up of vehicle performance, maintenance planning and productivity-boosting efforts. Welcome to explore the Volvo Connect fleet management system.

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When data is transformed into information, that’s when powerful analysis becomes possible. Looking at driving performance connected to energy consumption will help you find ways to cut costs. Analysing technical events can reveal hidden risks for unplanned stops. Access to real-time data and extensive history will help you identify patterns, see anomalies and take the right action. Start connecting in our fleet management system to exploit the full potential of your fleet’s performance.

This is Volvo Connect

Connect all parts of your operation to create insights and discover synergies

A bus fleet management system with all in one place

With a few clicks you can customise the Volvo Connect fleet management system to include exactly what you need. And your colleagues can too. The personalised dashboard makes your daily work easier. All functions and services are available with a single login – even if you administer more than one fleet.


Uptime and productivity

Well-planned maintenance and avoiding unplanned standstills are key to improving uptime. To maximise productive hours, you’ll want to know the health and status of every vehicle. With that knowledge, planning of maintenance and service can be so much more efficient. Through Volvo Connect you get access to a range of services designed to help protect your uptime and keep your fleet productive. 

Examples of connected services in Volvo Connect:

  • Vehicle information 
  • Vehicle status 
  • Position 
  • Reports 
  • Service calendar 
  • Workshop services 

Safety and driving performance

Driver performance is the single most important factor for passenger comfort and safety. When you sign up for Driving Profile in Volvo Connect, you will get a stream of real-time data. It’s a powerful tool to find energy-consuming and hazardous driving behavior. It will also help identify parts of your routes where the driver needs to be extra careful. 

Endless integration possibilities

In a bus or coach operation you are likely to find several digital tools and applications which can benefit from accurate and timely vehicle data. Volvo Buses has an API as well as a developer’s portal to simplify integration with other systems, based on each customer’s need. Volvo strongly supports integration and third-party development of new functions and services.

Data access

Connecting accident reports with safety zones

How we reduced accidents by 50% in Curitiba, Brazil

Volvo Zone Management

Volvo’s unique Zone Management is a development of geofencing. It gives you the possibility to define zones where you set a number of characteristics. For example, safety zones, where you can automatically limit the speed of a bus or coach in a defined area, or for part of a route. No driver intervention is needed. Other Zone Management services are Coaching zones and Environmental zones. They are all easily accessed via the Volvo Connect bus fleet management system.

Zone management


Workshop services

If you are an operator running your own workshop, Volvo Connect has a range of services to make your daily work run smoother. Instant access to detailed and updated vehicle information will make the workshop visit shorter. And finding spare parts online makes planning and stock-keeping a lot easier. Examples of our connected workshop services are Volvo Parts catalogues, Remote fault codes, Service information and Software downloads.

Workshop services

Follow-up on the go

Out of office? The Volvo Connect bus fleet management system is a cloud service. When you’re logged in you have access to all your functions and services – even on your smartphone.


Start connecting today

There’s no need to wait. Volvo Connect is there to help you and there’s a lot to be explored. Volvo Connect can support your operation in so many ways. Take a tour in our demo for fleet management services. There we have outlined a few scenarios where the use of connectivity and real-time data can cut costs and improve efficiency and safety. Or contact your Volvo representative today and get the full story of all the possibilities with Volvo Connect.

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