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Vehicle status

Instant remote monitoring

When a warning is lit on the driver’s dashboard it also sends a notification to Volvo Connect. Which means no time is lost. You can assist your driver and decide whether to return to the depot or complete the shift. A true uptime booster.

Immediate alerts

On your Volvo Connect start screen you can see the Vehicle Status widget. Here you’ll always see if there are any vehicles reporting fault codes, and how many alarms and warnings respectively. A single click takes you to the fleet overview, showing the vehicles’ ID and a time stamp. Clear and concise.

All details in one view

To assess the situation, Vehicle Status gives time, position, description and basic vehicle data for each fault code. A valuable complement to the fault code. You even get a map showing the location where the fault occurred. You can also see all vehicle details and which services the vehicle has assigned to it.

Full alert history

In addition to the current fault there is also a comprehensive list of historical fault codes. The alert history gives a better background to what has just happened. For each entry there is a time stamp for the occurrence as well as date and time for when the issue is closed.

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