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The analysis tool

Reports is by many seen as the heart of a fleet management system. That’s why Volvo Connect not only offers comprehensive and concise standard reports but also functions for sharing, export and customisation.

Overview – and all the details

Do you feel your fuel costs are increasing? Or some other concern about fleet performance? Browsing the reports will give the answer as well as a good starting point for finding the reasons. Fuel and energy consumption, environmental parameters and safety-related data are followed up and presented in clear standard reports. For the entire fleet, for individual vehicles or groups of vehicles.

Customise, compile and analyse

You can also design your own reports. A wide selection of parameters lets you search for the details you want, and you can freely combine the data. What is more, you can share the reports with colleagues, even externally, or download as a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Standard reports

For your convenience there are a set of predefined standard reports in Volvo Connect. Each of them have a selection of frequently used parameters, covering most of the regular needs. All standard reports can be modified and saved as your own, customised reports.


The performance report shows basic data such as driving time, distance, average speed and idling. You can sort the data per vehicles or drivers, individuals or groups. You can easily change the time frame or parameters and look at trends.

Fuel & AdBlue

For most bus operations, fuel is the single largest cost item. This report will not only tell you how much is used, but also how much is consumed while idling, driving, and using cruise control. And, of course, the litres/100 km figure.


Here the environmental data is gathered together. The main emission figures, CO2, nitrogen oxides and particulates are calculated. Furthermore, engine class and emission profile, fuel and energy consumption and distance. You can also check for distances driven with emissions above the normal value.


A very useful report where you quickly see consumption, distance, time, and average speed for several driving conditions. Per vehicle, per driver, group or individuals.


The safety report is just as much a passenger comfort indicator. Here you can see amount and frequency of harsh acceleration and braking, and how often the ABS function has been engaged. Here too you can sort data per vehicles, drivers and groups.

Electromobility reports

Volvo Connect offers two dedicated reports for electric buses. Energy Usage is a replication of the Fuel & AdBlue report, while Electric Performance follows more parameters, such as distance, average speed, and energy recuperation.

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