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Ten Volvo hybrid buses to Hamburger Hochbahn

Volvo Buses has got an order for ten Volvo 7700 Hybrid buses from Hamburger Hochbahn. The order comes after a successful traffic with two Volvo hybrid buses this year.
The order was signed at a ceremony at the Busworld show in Belgium during Monday. It was signed by Jens-Michael May, Managing Director of SBG Süderelbe Bus and Jasper, two of the bus subsidiaries of Hamburger Hochbahn AG, and Noel Reculet, Senior Vice President Europe at Volvo Buses.

“I am very proud that we have got this order from Hamburger Hochbahn, says Karl-Heinz Traa, Managing Director of Volvo Buses in Germany. “It is an innovative company that always is eager to try and to use state of the art technology.”

“Hamburger Hochbahn today is the trend setting public transport company in Germany, a company that many follow closely.”

The ten hybrid buses will be delivered in April 2012. Three of them will be used by Süderelbe Bus and seven by Jasper.

Süderelbe Bus has since the beginning of the summer had two Volvo 7700 Hybrids in traffic and the experience so far is very good. The reliability has been almost 100%, the fuel consumption is even lower than the figures promised by Volvo and the drivers are happy with the performance and to be able to work with new and modern technology.