Volvo Buses


City & intercity chassis

Volvo is the preferred choice of many leading body builders. Solid quality as well as outstanding fuel and energy efficiency combined with long service intervals are hallmarks of Volvo’s chassis offer.

Smart structural design

Every Volvo chassis is designed to provide the body builder with a platform for a premium bus. Passenger comfort, driveability and efficient maintenance are built in from the very start. Components and subsystems are organised to create maximum space for your passengers, yet with all service points easily accessible. In our range you will find highly specialised designs such as the double decker full-hybrid, optimised for extremely dense traffic in the world’s busiest cities. You’ll also find open architecture, general platforms that give the body builder virtually unlimited possibilities.


Volvo’s city and intercity offer includes more than just the vehicles. A wide and growing range of connected services adds value and productivity to our customers’ operations. That’s why our chassis products are equipped with the hardware and interfaces needed for implementing these services.

Our chassis range

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