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Volvo 9900

The ultimate journey

The all-new Volvo 9900 is all about luxury. Your passengers will enjoy travelling in the highest comfort and style, while you benefit from the convenience of a smooth ownership experience. Already from afar the Volvo 9900 radiates attitude, elegance and safety. The premium feel is equally strong on the inside. Superior choice of materials, finely crafted details and trim, comfortable seats, perfect climate, and a very relaxing ambience. A coach for the ultimate journey.

Designed for the ultimate journey

Powerful stance and distinctive personality. The moment you meet the Volvo 9900 you feel this coach is special. The elegance and the attractive details really catch the eye. The design of the unique window line and the window graphics underscore the luxurious impression. A rounded front gives the coach a friendly yet confident face, combining good looks with excellent aerodynamics. In addition, Volvo’s signature V-shaped lights carve out a strong identity even from a distance.

Your passengers first choice

This is the coach for the most demanding passengers. They are comfortably seated, surrounded by carefully selected materials, elegant trim and harmonic colour schemes. The Volvo 9900 offers unique visibility thanks to its sloping window line and the gradient theatre floor. A perfect climate and a premium, versatile infotainment system complete the coach your passengers would choose for their perfect journey.

Travel in Volvo safety

In every Volvo, safety is built-in from the start. The new Volvo 9900 is packed with advanced safety systems that support the driver to prevent accidents. And of course, all passenger seats can be equipped with 3-point seat belt. For younger passengers there are ISOFIX fittings for child seats and booster cushions, and we can also offer integrated rearward-facing child seats.

Connected and at your service

Volvo Buses offers a range of services designed for maximum uptime and productivity. We know that keeping your vehicle on the road and avoiding unnecessary costs are crucial for your business. With the Volvo 9900 you also get access to several services that can help boost your company’s performance. Quite simply, we want to be your best business partner.

Fleet Management

Volvo’s Fleet Management keeps you in control at all times – so you know the exact status of your operation. You will for example get information about fuel consumption and how your drivers are performing.

Fleet Management

Safety Zones

With Safety Zones, you can set a maximum speed for a defined area. When entering the zone, the driver is alerted and the maximum speed is limited. Ideal in a city centre or on dangerous motorway sections.

Zone Management 

Volvo Connect App

The Volvo Connect app is the easiest way to get an overview of your fleet’s performance. It’s basically a summary of the powerful Fleet Management service and it also lets you keep track of individual vehicles.

Volvo connect app

Securing Uptime

Your coach’s uptime is the key to profitability. And with our uptime services and service contracts your coaches will have the proper maintenance and repair at the right time – without disrupting your business.

Service contracts

Take care of your drivers

Everything starts with the driver. Passenger comfort, safety, fuel consumption and, ultimately, the vehicle’s lifecycle cost. The driver’s skills and abilities play a significant role. Volvo can contribute in several ways. We do it by designing the chassis, driveline and driver’s station in a way that allows full control of the vehicle – without compromising on comfort. But we also offer advanced driver training as well as telematics-based follow-up and direct feedback, helping the driver to continuously improve.

Driver performance

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