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Volvo Connect is a fleet management system and your entrance to the world of Volvo Bus Services. Connected services as well as documentation and workshop tools – all in one place. It supports thorough follow-up of vehicle performance, maintenance planning and productivity-boosting efforts. Welcome to explore Volvo Connect.

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When data is transformed into information, that’s when powerful analysis becomes possible. Looking at driving performance connected to energy consumption will help you find ways to cut costs. Analysing technical events can reveal hidden risks for unplanned stops. Access to real-time data and extensive history will help you identify patterns, see anomalies and take the right action. Start connecting to exploit the full potential of your fleet’s performance.

This is Volvo Connect

Connect all parts of your operation to create insights and discover synergies

All in one place

With a few clicks you can customise Volvo Connect to include exactly what you need. And your colleagues can too. The personalised dashboard makes your daily work easier. All functions and services are available with a single login – even if you administer more than one fleet.


Endless integration possibilities

In a bus or coach operation you are likely to find several digital tools and applications which can benefit from accurate and timely vehicle data. Volvo Connect has an API as well as a developer’s portal to simplify integration with other systems, based on each customer’s need. Volvo strongly supports integration and third-party development of new functions and services.


Connecting accident reports with safety zones

How we reduced accidents by 50% in Curitiba, Brazil

In the office or on the go

Volvo Connect is a cloud service. When you’re logged in you have access to all your functions and services – regardless of location and device.


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