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In Driving Profile you will find extensive data on how your connected vehicles are driven. A stream of data is continuously logged. A solid base for finding patterns and anomalies in driving performance. But also to analyze the course of events that have led up to an incident or a technical fault.

Improve safety and save the environment

With Driving Profile, you have a powerful tool to find energy-consuming and hazardous behavior. It will also help identify parts of your routes where the driver needs to be extra careful. Experience shows that follow-up on driving performance improves comfort and safety, in addition to reducing fuel and energy consumption.

Recording high-resolution data

Driving Profile is also a very powerful analysis tool. If something unexpected happens, the logged real-time data can show, instant by instant, what led up to a flat tyre or an overheated engine. Tracking and filtering of position, technical events and driving data will help identify specific difficulties.

Maps, graphs and lists

There are several views to simplify your analysis. In addition to the route map where you can see all events for the selected time frame, there is a list and a graph view where you can combine parameters to find correlations and reasons for specific events.

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