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Features in Volvo Connect

Volvo Connect is designed to make life easier. Shortcuts to relevant information and an easy shift between details and overview. That’s why the navigation can be adapted to your workflow, which is particularly valuable when you add new services and functions.

Your personal dashboard

It all starts on the dashboard. Your dashboard. This is where you organise your services by placing widgets in your preferred positions. Widgets are stored in the archive, and you choose which of them should appear on your start screen. There is also a “News” widget where news and updates from Volvo Buses are conveniently at hand.

Administration made easy

Volvo Connect offers swift and simple administration of your services, connected vehicles and drivers. Via direct links, vehicle data can be checked and edited as well as drivers’ contact details and driver ID. Both vehicles and drivers can be assigned to public groups with just a few clicks.

Stay in control with Volvo Connect

Accurate and relevant information are keys to efficient fleet management – and the cornerstone of Volvo Connect. Real time data in combination with comprehensive reports are easily retrieved from Volvo’s connected services and presented just the way you need. Being in the know will keep your fleet productive.

Vehicle status – your remote dashboard monitor

When your driver gets a red or yellow alert in the instrument cluster, the assigned fault code is instantly available on-screen in your office. You can immediately check whether this is a recurring alert by looking into the vehicle history. A great help when deciding on actions and when assisting your driver. Basic vehicle data and a full fleet overview are also included.
Vehicle status

Reports – all the details, the way you want it

Concise reports are invaluable input for productivity improvements. General operational data, fuel and energy consumption as well as environmental performance are avalable in standard reports. The reports can be compiled and aggregated according to your preferences, and you can easily create your own reports.

Early warnings with notifications

With notifications you can avoid unpleasant surprises. Alerts or events you want to trace can be filtered out and presented instantly. You’ll know not only what happened, but also where and when.

Follow-up on the go

Out of office? Volvo Connect is a cloud service. When you’re logged in you have access to all your functions and services – even on your smartphone.

Protect your uptime

All your customers expect the bus to show up on time and arrive safely and punctually at their destination. Unplanned standstills must be avoided by all means, and well-planned maintenance is the key to improving uptime.

Workshop History

Workshop History makes it possible to get a quick overview of your vehicles’ workshop records. You also get detailed information such as date, odometer reading and a list of the parts used.
Workshop services

Service Calendar

Volvo Connect Service Calendar helps you keep track of maintenance schedules, workshop bookings and other vehicle-related activities.
Workshop services

Parts store

Once you know what’s needed you get your Genuine Volvo Parts from our online parts store. With our worldwide logistics and dealer network we can make sure your parts take the shortest route to your workshop.
Spare parts

Vehicle-specific documentation

Most Volvo buses are tailored to the operator’s specific requirements. With Volvo Connect it’s easier to keep track of each vehicle’s demand for consumables and spare parts.
Workshop services

Remote access to odometer and fault codes

Remote readout of vehicle data is invaluable helpful for maintenance and service planning. With remote and continuous access to mileage and fault codes you can optimise your service schedules and workshop planning.
Vehicle status

Workshop manuals

With Volvo Connect you get instant access to updated specs and instructions for service and repair procedures. No risk of making mistakes caused by obsolete information or incomplete instructions.
Workshop services

Improve safety and driving performance

Passenger satisfaction is the ultimate business parameter. And driver performance is the single most important factor for comfort and safety. Via Volvo Connect you can analyse driving behaviour and add assisting services to help make each journey a pleasant one.


Zone Management

This is a Volvo-unique service, based on geofencing, but with added functionality. One example is safety zones, where a vehicle’s speed is limited to a preset value within a defined area, or for part of a route. It’s all automatic and no driver intervention is needed.

Zone Management

Driving profile

Your connected vehicles continuously report data on position, speed, fuel and energy consumption and several other parameters. When you sign up for Driving Profile, Volvo Connect provides a stream of high-resolution real-time data. Helpful when you analyse the course of events leading up to a fault or an incident.

Driving profile


With Volvo I-Coaching you can support your drivers with immediate feedback. This unique service receives driving data such as speed, acceleration, braking and more, and is instantly fed back to the driver as a warning if the set values are exceeded. It is proven that this type of feedback saves fuel and improves passenger comfort. And the warnings are also indicated in Volvo Connect as events and notifications.

Volvo I-Coaching


Below are links to documents for more information on benefits, features, facts and figures.

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