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Your passengers expect a premium experience and the new Volvo 9900 will definitely meet their expectations. The sophisticated interior with carefully chosen materials, elegant trim and first-class seats with the highest comfort create a luxurious atmosphere. The coach comes in a choice of three lengths: 12.4, 13.1 or 14 m. Let the Volvo 9900 be the new flagship of your fleet.

Award-winning design – much more than styling

The Volvo 9900 is designed to embody the kind of comfort and luxury a passenger can expect. But there is so much more to it. Beyond its styling, the design also delivers improved aerodynamics, better stability at higher speeds and a front structure that enhances safety still further. It’s a design that has earned numerous awards, among them the prestigious international Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019.

Outstanding passenger comfort

Your passengers are welcomed by an inviting and spacious interior. Sophisticated illumination adds to the luxurious atmosphere. The seats in the Volvo 9900 are our most comfortable ever. Ergonomic design and a wide range of adjustments ensure everyone can find a perfect seating position. The overhead compartment, concealed by convenient hatches, is finished with elegant trim to enhance the premium feel.

Explore the driver’s compartment of the 9900

Superior driver ergonomics

Take your seat in the all-new driver compartment and you feel it right away: the clean layout, curved around you to support an ergonomic working environment. Harmonious, functional design where everything is within convenient reach. Add the elegant trim, the leather steering wheel and the perfectly suspended seat for a truly premium experience. Always assisted by our latest systems for driver support, such as the new Driver Alert Support, and our renowned Volvo Dynamic Steering.


The Volvo 9900 offers a variety of options to make travelling even more pleasant for passengers. All infotainment devices feature a user-friendly location and layout, easy for the driver and guide to operate. Audio and video sources, individually accessible content and first-class picture quality. Bluetooth access for media streaming and telephony. DAB+ support, mini SD-Ram reader and USB port for audio & video streaming and an AUX-IN for audio input.


The Volvo 9900 comes with engine ratings of up to 460 hp. With the legendary I-Shift transmission, the power is put safely on the tarmac and gives the perfect combination of smooth ride and high average speed. Add to that class-leading handling and road feel.


Volvo was always the driver’s choice. Powerful engines, seamless gear changes and unsurpassed handling with Volvo Dynamic Steering. The all-new Volvo 9900 offers a premium driving feel.

Right sized engine

Volvo engine technology means more power and less weight. The Volvo D11K combines 460 hp and massive torque with supreme fuel efficiency.

I-Shift gearbox

Our legendary transmission combines smooth and precise gearshifts with high average speed and outstanding driveability.


The Volvo 9900 offers superior aerodynamics. Proven by the fact that it’s both higher and longer than its predecessor, yet fuel economy remains the same.

Dynamic chassis lowering

When cruising above 80 km/h the coach is lowered by 20 mm, thus reducing air resistance and fuel consumption


A valuable feature which can cut fuel consumption by up to 2.5%. It learns the topography of a route and optimises acceleration, gearshifts and braking when driving with cruise control.

In Volvo Safety

There is probably no safer way to travel on the road than in a Volvo coach. Active systems help avoid dangerous situations, and protective safety functions minimize harmful effects in case of an accident. Volvo safety is built-in from the start.

Volvo Dynamic Steering

A technology that improves steering responsiveness and precision, thus reducing the strain on the driver’s shoulders, neck and arms.

Driver Alert System

Safety starts with the driver. Driver Alert System senses if you are distracted or drowsy and signals that it’s time for a break.

New front structure

The new front structure is further enhanced compared to the previous generation. It provides substantially improved protection in a wider range of frontal impacts and can absorb more energy.

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