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New Volvo 9900 - Exclusive coach with high level of safety

The new Volvo 9900 is the most exclusive that Volvo Buses can offer. With a theater floor, a sloping window line, large window sections and an elegant interior, passengers are offered coach travel that exceeds what is commonplace.

Coach tourists today set exacting requirements for the vehicle on which they travel. It must be pleasing to the eye, comfortable, offer an excellent view, provide ample luggage space and have a top class audio-visual system Volvo Buses had these passenger demands in mind when they created the new Volvo 9900.

The Volvo 9900 exterior radiates a forceful elegance with its smooth surfaces, clean lines and clear-cut Volvo character. Inside, every detail has been adapted to form a harmonious entity. The Volvo designers formulated eight color themes in which the roof lining, interior surfaces, floor, curtains and upholstery complement each other.

Passenger seats are the best available and are equipped with table, foot support, net pocket and handgrip. Noise level is low and the coach body gives an impression of spaciousness and openness. Electronically regulated air suspension, independent front suspension and a stiff frame design also contribute to the high comfort level.

A Volvo 9900 provides all passengers with the opportunity to enjoy viewing the beautiful countryside and architecturally exciting buildings. Due to the theater floor, the sloping window line and large window areas, everyone has an unobstructed view. The bus has a powerful climate-control system with air conditioning and individually adjustable air-circulation outlet vents for each seat. The baggage racks inside the coach are of aircraft type, and provide ample space for personal belongings.

In a coach, it is important to provide an AV system that enables all passengers to hear and see well. Volvo Sound & Vision is among the best the industry has to offer, with genuine hi-fi sound and high-resolution 17-inch screens. 

For Volvo, safety is a priority, and this definitely applies to the new Volvo 9900. The foundation is first-class handling and an innovative driver’s seat that provides the driver with every means for operating the bus safely and responsibly. However, the coach also has wide range of safety functions as aids to the driver.

The 9900 has full-function rear-vision mirrors with integrated close-range mirrors and cameras at the doors and to the rear. Powerful headlights with BiXenon lamps and large, prominently positioned brake lights reduce the risk of accidents.

The Volvo 9900 has electronically controlled disc brakes, Volvo’s powerful engine braking and Volvo’s compact retarder. The Volvo 9900 is standard-equipped with ESP, which significantly reduces the risk of the bus turning over or inadvertently leaving the highway.

The bus is equipped with FIP (Front Impact Protection), which Volvo Buses was the first to introduce some years ago. It is the reinforced front which increases protection for the driver and guide in the event of a collision.

Today Volvo Buses is also the first in the industry to launch a front underrun protection system (FUPS). It consists of a steel beam positioned low at the front , which prevents a car from becoming wedged under the bus. It significantly increases the chances of the driver and passengers of the automobile surviving a frontal collision with the bus.

Volvo Buses has also reinforced the protection for the driver’s knees and legs. Behind the panels beside the wheel are new design elements which absorb collision energy, since the driver’s knees would hit against the panels in the event of a collision.

The driver plays a vital role in the passengers experience and perceptions during a coach tour. Accordingly, it is important that the driver’s work environment be the very best, which is definitely the case with the new Volvo 9900.

The driver enters the driver’s compartment, which is equipped with a newly designed instrument panel, through a separate door. All controls and levers are logically grouped and readily accessible. The climate in the driver’s enclosure is separately controlled, and such conveniences as electric window lifts, electrically regulated sun visor and navigation system are included as standard.

Also at the driver’s disposal is all the power the bus requires for a smooth and safe trip. The engine is the latest generation of Volvo’s 12-liter engine, the DH12E. The engine is located at the rear in the Volvo 9900, and is available in two output levels, 420 hp (2,000 Nm) and 460 hp (2,200 Nm).

The driver also has the satisfaction of the Volvo 9900 being equipped with Volvo I-shift, the highly regarded automatic transmission system, which provides exceptional drivability due particularly to the number of gearshifts being minimized and enabling a high, uniform average speed to be maintained.

The engines and I-shift also contribute to favorable environmental characteristics and overall cost-efficiency. Volvo has elected to utilize SCR technology to meet present and future emission requirements. From today the 420-hp engine is available in an incentive version that complies with Euro 5. SCR is a simple, proven and reliable technology that contributes to lower fuel consumption. The Volvo I-shift has the comfort and smoothness associated with automatic transmission while still retaining the lower fuel consumption of manual shift.

The Volvo 9900 is 3.8 meters high and 2.55 meters wide. The range includes a 2 axle version 12.3 m long as well as 3 axle variants at 13.0, or 13.8 m.

For the owner, high resale value is also an important consideration. Volvo 9900 has frame, body, exhaust system and catalytic converter of stainless steel, providing excellent rust resistance and long service life. The coach is easy to maintain, with all service points logically grouped and due to its smooth surfaces, the vehicle is easy to keep clean. The rear bumper is in three elements to avoid having to replace the entire assembly in the event that one element is damaged.

More and more customers in the coach industry are focusing their efforts on core operations while buying in access to service and tools that contribute to increased availability and productivity. Therefore, Volvo Buses is unveiling a new Care package which greatly simplifies matters for the owner. The package, sold together with Volvo 9900, is valid for three years.

The package is based on a maintenance contract whereby Volvo handles the ongoing chassis maintenance. Access to Volvo Action Service, for prompt 24-7 roadside assistance, is also included.

The Care package also contains a spare-parts guarantee for the Volvo 9900 standard model. Volvo ensures that required spare parts be on hand at a Volvo dealer within 24 hours of being ordered. Should Volvo fail to deliver, the customer gets the spare part free of charge.

The last element of the contract is that the 9900 is equipped with Dynafleet Perform, a variant of Volvo’s unique Fleet Management System for driver and vehicle management. Through Dynafleet, information is made available for control and planning of the drivers’ operating and rest times and also about the vehicle itself, which assists service scheduling, for example.

One of the more important functions is the opportunity to observe and analyze fuel consumption on a per vehicle and driver basis. Experience demonstrates that because of this feature, it becomes fully possible to reduce fuel consumption by a significant percentage. Additionally, map functions can be obtained, enabling simplified localization of the vehicle.


For additional information, please contact Arne Sehlman, product manager, +46 31 322 52 58, or Per-Martin Johansson, press officer, +46 31 322 52 00.


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