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Order for 107 Volvo buses to Israel

Volvo Buses has received an order for 107 bus chassis to Israel. Deliveries start now and will be ongoing through July.

The order is from Volvo’s importer in Israel, Mayers Cars & Trucks Ltd, and covers chassis for coaches, Volvo B12B and Volvo B9R, as well as Volvo B12BLE citybus chassis. All chassis feature engines that meet the Euro IV emission standard.

The chassis will be built at Volvo Buses’ plant in Borås, Sweden. The bodies will be produced by Merkavin in Israel, a company in which Volvo Buses holds an ownership interest.

“Volvo has cooperated with Mayers in Israel for 40 years now and it is a collaboration that works very well,” says Michele Ferrara, who is responsible for Volvo Buses’ sales to Israel. “Mayers has already sold more then half of the order for 107 bus chassis to end customers.”

During 2007, Volvo sold 225 buses in Israel.

April 29, 2008

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